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Microsoft Education

We believe all students deserve equal access to education, no matter where they live or how they learn. This is why we partner with Microsoft.

Committed to developing safe and inclusive learning solutions, Microsoft aims to help everyone reach their highest potential at school and beyond. Access a range of Microsoft applications and Education tools and bring ideas and learning to life!

Read more below, and if you need us, we’re just a click away.

Supporting your school

Through the Microsoft Education solution, you will have access to the most significant product updates in years, designed to support your school.

The platform provides the tools to engage and help meet the needs of every one of your students, no matter what their learning capabilities and needs.

Build student confidence
Help your students become confident speakers and ignite passion for learning
Keep students engaged
Leverage data and create interactive learning tools to help your students grow
Reimagine learning
Keep up with the evolving world of education and ignite curiosity and creativity

Bundle Surface to maximise your investment

Discover a range of Microsoft Surface devices built for all the ways you create, work, play and connect. Unleash your creativity with Microsoft Surface.

Get more from your Microsoft

Are you getting the most from your Microsoft licensing? Book time with one of our experts and discover more ways Microsoft can support your organisation.

Accelerate learning

Microsoft 365 solutions for education help your students catch up, keep up, and get ahead. Learning Accelerators are seamlessly integrated into your Microsoft Education products such as PowerPoint and Word, so students can start practicing right away, and you can start gathering data to help them get ahead.

The Tools

Microsoft Education offers the tools to help your students thrive no matter who they are, from where they’ve come, and to where they want to head.
Help build your students’ foundation skills through Microsoft Education’s Reading Coach.
Microsoft Education’s Search Coach helps students distinguish fact from opinion, so they can form effective search queries and identify trusted sites.
Thrive as educators with access to data and insights for individual students, multiple classrooms, and entire schools.

Experience the difference

With Microsoft 365 Education, everyone experiences the difference. The platform builds on top of your school’s Office 365 apps, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, providing enhanced management, security, and compliance tools. See the difference in the delivery, witness the difference in student progress.

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