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Microsoft Surface

As a trusted Microsoft Surface partner, we can help find the right Surface solutions for you, and those around you. A certified staff member is just a click away.

Sourcing suitable Surface solutions for students, educators, and employees

Choosing a device can have a huge impact on business resilience, and on the creation of exceptional staff/student experiences. As an IT decision-maker, you’re juggling security, manageability, and deployment, all with wellness, connection, and innovation, for optimal outcomes.

Microsoft Surface devices enhance productivity, secure remote work environments, streamline collaboration, and enable constant improvement from within. We’re here to help you find the right Surface devices for you and those around you, and equip you all with the tools and support to soar.

Asset access
Providing you with access to Surface products, programs, and materials
Operations resources
Keeping you updated with the latest launches, enhancements, and pricing
Partner programs
Granting you access to exclusive Surface offers

Surface for Education

The education sector is tasked with driving innovation and change. As a Microsoft Surface partner, we can help identify the right devices for teachers and students, removing the stress and leaving you to focus on core educational outcomes. See how Caroline Chisholm Catholic College joined our School Device Program, leveraging our pre-established technology bundles and having student laptops arranged through the College.

For Teachers

As a teacher in the modern world, you’ll need a device that offers you, and your students, reliability, performance, and flexibility. We fully understand what these needs entail and can therefore match you to the right Microsoft Surface devices, helping to enhance educational outcomes and elevate your whole teaching experience.
Connect to your students and collaborate with your fellow teachers regardless of location. We also support you with real-time co-authoring and seamless communication through Microsoft 365.
Maximise data privacy through the device’s chip-to-cloud security, for those times you may need a remote work environment or to protect sensitive student information.
We support the diverse skill sets, work styles, and abilities of your students by suggesting the right Microsoft Surface devices for them, and you.

Surface for Employees

‘Digital debt’ is costing us innovation. Many employees can’t keep up with the inflow of data, emails, meetings, and notifications, and can’t bear the weight of the workday. We provide the keys to the right Microsoft Surface devices, so you can unlock your employees’ unique abilities. Your staff will also achieve a better sense of workforce wellness, through improved productivity and balance that leads to enhanced satisfaction and greater achievement.

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