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Project Delivery

Projects delivered on time and on budget with an average customer satisfaction score of 98.75%.

The projects we deliver

Each project is unique, but our quality and care in design, governance, delivery and handover is consistent and so we tailor each project engagement to meet your specific needs. The project services we offer are:

Digital Transformations
Modern Work
Cloud and Infrastructure
Security Hardening

Project methodologies

Our project managers are qualified and experienced in a range of project governance methodologies and so we enable you to select your preferred method of working.

Say goodbye to resourcing constraints

We maintain a dedicated projects team which consists of project managers, business analysts and technical writers combined with cloud, network, security, system and endpoint engineers because to us, a project schedule is just as important as a burning break-fix issue.

Forget budget overruns!

We have been delivering IT projects for decades and throughout this time, we have mastered the art of project delivery. We understand the importance of having surety upfront as to what the cost of a project will be, enabling you to obtain project funding approval with confidence. As such, for over 90% of the projects we deliver, we spend a considerable amount of time properly scoping a project to provide you a fixed price proposal. And for those we can’t, we will give you as strong an estimate as we can with what we believe to be a sufficient level of project contingency to keep you covered.

Measure twice, cut once

We believe that sufficient time should be spent building out a solid plan so that everyone involved has confidence in knowing what is being built and how. Post sign-off, our Solutions Architects lead discovery sessions to build out high level and detailed design documentation that meets the objectives of the project and provides our engineers with clear direction on how the solution will work.

Risks exist, so we plan for them

As an ISO 31000 (Risk Management) compliant organisation, and in collaboration with you, we will contribute to the development of a Risk Register for your project which is maintained throughout the course of planning and delivery. Each risk is assessed against a Risk Management Framework considering both the likelihood and consequence of the risk to your organisation and the success of the project. We then collectively seek risk mitigations and/or remediations for each risk identified to help de-risk a project.

We’re the company vendors call in when a project has gone to s*#t

As a team of customer experience obsessed, technical specialists, we agonise over doing a great job and we our commitment is that we will involve all levels of our organisation to make sure we deliver. No challenge is too technical or too time consuming for us – we will solve it!

Clear responsibilities, before we even start!

Our project managers will work with you to develop a RACI model for your project from the outset to ensure that it is clear for each task who is responsible, accountable, consulted and informed. Of course, things can change throughout the project, and we will happily update it.


Don’t risk your security with just anyone. We are Australia’s most audited and certified Security Provider and we bake in Security by design into every single one of our product and service offerings.
Our core infrastructure, cloud platforms and telecommunications core are irap assessed demonstrating our commitment to security.
When we say protected, we mean PROTECTED. Our data hosting services are certified to the Protected level under the Federal Government’s Hosting Certification Framework.
As a member of the Defence Industry Security Program, we provide Security Cleared Personnel to a wide range of organisations. This means you get a higher level of security, no matter your industry.
We engage third party penetration testers to perform both internal and external penetration testing against our platforms and systems on an annual basis, and we combine this with weekly vulnerability scans which are performed by our team.
We have held the ISO 27001 certification for over seven years and after all that time, these controls are well and truly baked in to our operating standards.

Our certifications and compliance

As a critical partner to our customers, how we operate is of paramount importance to both us and them. That's why we've implemented ISO global best practices in the areas of Quality, Environmental, Data Security, Risk Management, Service Management and Occupational Health and Safety. We are audited against these frameworks and maintain stringent internal practices to ensure we continue to conform.

  • Information Security Management System (ISO 27001) certified
  • Environmental Management System (ISO 14001) certified
  • Quality Management System (ISO 9001) certified
  • Occupational Health and Safety Systems (ISO 45001) certified
  • Information Technology Service Management (ISO 20000) compliant
  • Risk Management (ISO 31000) compliant
Compass Assurance ISO 27001 Info Sec
Compass Assurance ISO 14001 Environment
Compass Assurance ISO 9001 Quality
Compass Assurance ISO 45001 Safety
Compliant with ISO 20000 IT Service Management
Compliant with ISO 31000 Risk Management

We work with the best

Our industry is full of vendors offering products to help overcome a challenge but, as an engineering led business that is absolutely passionate about ensuring our customers’ IT environments are highly available and secure, we have selected only the best to work with.
Palo Alto Networks
HPE Aruba Networking
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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