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School Device Program

A personalised learning device opens a whole new world of knowledge for students and gives them access to a digital library full of innovative, interactive learning tools and educational resources.

School Device Program

Here at CT, our School Device Program goes beyond supplying students with their own device. We push the boundaries in service delivery and support, by partnering with the best hardware and software vendors to recommend the best learning devices for your school and its students, personalise the device hand-outs experience to each individual student to encourage self-discovery and personalised learning opportunities, and offer flexible and affordable warranty and support options.

Our difference

CT is committed to providing students with their very own learning device, so they can connect, collaborate and create with their teachers and peers. We understand that the needs of schools go beyond just the device and we work with school leadership and teachers to develop great programs that have a positive impact on teaching and learning. Each educational institution has unique needs for their devices, and we are pleased to help design an all-encompassing solution for you and your students.
Our experience has ranged from Apple iPad and Chromebook devices for Primary School students, to high-end notebooks, such as Apple MacBooks and Microsoft Surfaces for Secondary School students. Throughout the past five years we have had the privilege of providing thousands of students with their devices to help them reach their full potential in the classroom.
Online Ordering Portal
CT creates a personalised, professional Online Ordering Portal with a private URL link for parents with the pre-established bundles and pricing. The setup and maintenance of this portal is handled by CT free-of-charge. Parents will conveniently purchase their devices through this portal and receive a confirmation and invoice once their transaction has been processed.
Vendor Partnerships
CT partners with multiple leading hardware and software vendors, ensuring that we can provide staff and students with the very best learning devices. Our Service Delivery team maintains technical certifications from all of our vendors so that you remain current with the latest standards and technologies.
Flexible Payment Terms
We understand that some parents are have difficulty procuring devices due to special circumstances or hardship. CT offers a quarterly payment option for parents who find it easier to pay across four instalments instead of once off. Devices ordered under these circumstances are subject to the CT Finance Terms and Conditions which are located conveniently on your school portal website.

Choosing the right technology

With a multitude of devices available, it can be a challenge to choose the right technology for your staff and students. Factors to consider include:
Battery Life
All devices that we recommend for student-use require a minimum of 7 hours battery life, to ensure the student is able to get through the entire day of learning, without needing to charge their device during the day.
Students will be carrying their device between classes and transporting them to-and-from school; therefore, we recommend devices that weigh less than 2kg.
Device protection is of the utmost importance for students in the hustle-and-bustle of a school environment. We recommend the best brands of accessories, such as bags and tough-cases, for protecting student devices and to limit any downtime of their learning.
We offer a range of support on student devices to suit your school’s needs, including extended warranties, accidental damage protection (ADP), hot swap backups and loan devices.
Our vendor partnerships allow us to sell to education institutions at education pricing, so you can be sure that your parents are getting the best learning technology at the most competitive prices.

We work with the best

We partner with leading vendors to ensure that we provide staff and students with the very best devices available.

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