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Australia’s most advanced Cyber Security company

We give you access certified cyber experts, build your cyber resiliency and monitor your IT for threats and risks.

Our services:

Maturity assessments
Our Cyber Security consultants perform Vulnerability, NIST Framework and Essential 8 Maturity Assessments and help you develop a strategy and plan to improve.
Cyber Security Uplift Projects
Leverage our engineering resources and cyber security specialists to help you deliver cyber security uplift projects on time and on budget.
Managed Cyber Security Services (MDR)
Our flagship Managed Cyber Security Services provides you with a comprehensive Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solution which includes advisory, monitoring, detection and response capabilities 24x7 by our NV1 cleared Australian based team.

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Delivering for some of Australia’s most trusted organisations, nationwide

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An unrivalled Managed Detection and Response (MDR) experience

  • 24x7

    Hackers work across different time zones and pose a threat to your IT systems 24x7. Our teams work around the clock to keep you secure.

  • 100% Australia based

    Our Security Operations Analysts are all based in Australia and only operate from Australian sovereign territories.

  • NV1 security cleared

    All of our Security Operations Analysts combined with a large number of our operational team members all hold NV1 security clearance.

  • Multiple keylog sources

    We ingest logs from hundreds of sources to ensure that our Security Operations Analysts are operating with as much visibility as possible.

  • Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR)

    Today’s security landscape requires state of the art tooling to keep up with the vast number of logs being ingested. We use Security Orchestration, Automation and Response tooling to supplement our Security Operations Analysts and automatically respond to perceived threats.

SOAR capabilities
We leverage AI and Machine Learning as part of our Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) to predict future threats based on historical data leading to accelerated response times and more accurate threat detection.

I clicked on what I thought was an email from Microsoft and entered my password. Before I knew it, my account was locked and I had CT on the phone telling me I had just fallen for a scam.

Managed Azure Sentinel
Managed FortiSIEM

Your SIEM, our SIEM, your choice

We offer you the option to choose between a Managed Azure Sentinel SIEM (Security Information Event Management) or our FortiSIEM instance. Both of these platforms are integrated into our central threat intelligence feeds as well as thousands of playbooks that have been built over time to minimise false positive alerts. We hold deep certifications in both of these SIEM platforms.
NIST Cybersecurity Framework
NIST Framework
ACSC Security Princples

Built using the best of bread frameworks

We understand that organisations typically preference a security framework that they wish to be aligned to and so our Security offerings can be aligned to either (or both) of the two leading security frameworks being the NIST Framework or the Australian Cyber Security Centre Security Principals Framework. Our Security Consultants are highly experienced in both platforms and can guide you through implementing and maintaining compliance with these frameworks.

Our expertise in Cyber Security is so advanced that we provide services to government agencies that we can’t even talk about.

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Proactive 24×7 Australian based Security Monitoring and Response

Our Secure Internet Gateways are monitored 24×7 by our Security Operations Centre (SOC) which is resourced with NV1 cleared cybersecurity specialists, based entirely within Australia’s sovereign waters.

Is your business really protected?

Identify, assess and manage cyber security vulnerabilities and risks for an expert cyber security audit.

Auditing to Assessments

Based on eight key technical controls, the Essentials 8 model has been designed help identify and mitigate security and compliance risks to your business or organisation.

Each mitigation strategy has been created to complement each other. The higher the maturity level for each strategy, the more difficult it is for security threats to compromise your systems.

Our Essential 8 auditing service provides:

  • Analysis and insight into each technical control, defining your maturity level for each
  • Recommendations and advice to improve your security levels, ways to reduce risk, and enhance your level of compliance

All this is presented in a full risk and compliance report for your organisation.


Don’t risk your security with just anyone. We are Australia’s most audited and certified Security Provider and we bake in Security by design into every single one of our product and service offerings.
Our core infrastructure, cloud platforms and telecommunications core are irap assessed demonstrating our commitment to security.
When we say protected, we mean PROTECTED. Our data hosting services are certified to the Protected level under the Federal Government’s Hosting Certification Framework.
As a member of the Defence Industry Security Program, we provide Security Cleared Personnel to a wide range of organisations. This means you get a higher level of security, no matter your industry.
We engage third party penetration testers to perform both internal and external penetration testing against our platforms and systems on an annual basis, and we combine this with weekly vulnerability scans which are performed by our team.
We have held the ISO 27001 certification for over seven years and after all that time, these controls are well and truly baked in to our operating standards.

Our certifications and compliance

As a critical partner to our customers, how we operate is of paramount importance to both us and them. That's why we've implemented ISO global best practices in the areas of Quality, Environmental, Data Security, Risk Management, Service Management and Occupational Health and Safety. We are audited against these frameworks and maintain stringent internal practices to ensure we continue to conform.

  • Information Security Management System (ISO 27001) certified
  • Environmental Management System (ISO 14001) certified
  • Quality Management System (ISO 9001) certified
  • Occupational Health and Safety Systems (ISO 45001) certified
  • Information Technology Service Management (ISO 20000) compliant
  • Risk Management (ISO 31000) compliant
Compass Assurance ISO 27001 Info Sec
Compass Assurance ISO 14001 Environment
Compass Assurance ISO 9001 Quality
Compass Assurance ISO 45001 Safety
Compliant with ISO 20000 IT Service Management
Compliant with ISO 31000 Risk Management

Because certifications matter

Microsoft Solution Partner
Fortinet Engage Advanced Partner - Integrator, MSSP
Fortinet NSE 7 - Architect
Jamf Security Consultant
ACSC - Australian Cyber Security Centre
Defence Industry Security Program
Palo Alto Networks

Get the protection you need

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We work with the best

Our industry is full of vendors offering products to help overcome a challenge but, as an engineering led business that is absolutely passionate about ensuring our customers’ IT environments are highly available and secure, we have selected only the best to work with.
Palo Alto Networks

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