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Connectivity and Secure Internet Gateways

The internet is a mesh of inter-connected networks. The most effective way of lowering latency and improving redundancy is by peering directly with content providers and other network providers. With 1,894 direct peers, we are proud to maintain Australia’s third* most interconnected network, ahead of all the major telcos.

*as measured by Hurricane Electric

Active DDOS mitigation built in

We provide our internet connectivity bundled with distributed denial of service mitigation technology as standard which leverages our NS Focus Scrubbing technology combined with our A10 load balances across twenty-six points of presence globally. This scrubbing technology actively inspects inbound traffic and scrubs any packets identified as a likely denial of service ensuring your services remain online and protected.

Stay competitive in a digital-first world

Get business grade, superfast and reliable connectivity that puts you ahead of your competition. Now available to more Australian businesses with a $0 fibre upgrade.*

* $0 fibre upgrade available at sites designated as being free upgrade by NBN.

Talk to our NOC Engineers directly

There’s nothing more frustrating than being asked if you have restarted the router and so our customers with internal IT Teams can chat directly with our Network Operations Centre.

The experts in...

Discover CT's unparalleled expertise in cutting-edge connectivity technologies. Our integrated solutions redefine connectivity, security, and scalability, ensuring your network remains agile and resilient in an ever-evolving world.
IP Transit

The modern Secure Internet Gateway (SIG) for a secure government and enterprise

Partnering with Australia's biggest carriers

Whilst we are a licensed telecommunications carrier in our own right, we partner with many of our fellow telecommunications providers to provide you with the ability to procure carrier independent and diverse services from any carrier through us.

For the engineers like us

As an engineering led organisation, we understand that technical people love to understand all of the details upfront.
1,894 direct peers
We peer directly with over 1,894 peers through several peering exchanges including MegaIX, IX Australia, WAIX, PIPE IX, Equinix IX, LINX, NL-IX, Any2 and AMS-IX. In total, we have over 200Gbps of IX peering capacity in our network.
DDOS mitigation
Unlike most other providers that provide optional costed DDOS protection which is simply blackholing technology, we provide, as standard, active scrubbing DDOS mitigation technology which keeps your services online even during a large DDOS attack.
End-to-end quality of service
Given we are a business only network, we offer quality of service from end to end across all of our supported connections. Simply configure group policy or your CPE devices to tag outbound packets with the appropriate DSC markings and our infrastructure will honour these through to our core routers. We cannot guarantee that these markings will be honoured beyond our network.
1:1 connection to the internet
Unlike our competitors, our 1:1 connection guarantee is all the way to the internet given we have soooo much available capacity at our core.
No consumers
Given we are an all for business network, we don’t have any consumer traffic on our network meaning we are able to guarantee our contention speeds 24x7.
Deep monitoring
For managed services, In monitoring your connections, we collect ICMP Ping Responses, jitter, router processor and memory utilisation, NetFlow data and bandwidth utilisation enabling us to proactively respond to alerts across any of these components.
High visibility
We understand that having visibility into your connectivity is critical for your IT Team to be able to be proactive with internal communications. As such, we provide you with the ability to have one or more dashboards that you can use to monitor the connectivity status, packet loss and bandwidth utilisation at each site. You can even use these dashboards on large format displays like TVs.
Aussie-based NOC
In keeping with our values of an all onshore team, our Network Operations Centre personnel are all located within Australia.
Last mile access options
We offer services via Fibre, NBN, Ethernet Access, AirFibre, 4G/5G and even low-orbit satellite technologies ensuring we can connect even the hardest to reach places.
IPv6 enabled
All of our connectivity option are enabled with IPv6 from the onset enabling you to use either or both the IPv4 or IPv6 addresses we assign with your connection.
Low latency
Given our modern infrastructure and high quality inter-connectivity, we typically witness a sub 15ms latency from your CPE to our core routers (with the exception of 4G/5G and low-orbit satellite services).
Market-leading Service Level Agreement (SLA)
In keeping with our obsession for Customer Service, we bundle our connections with a market leading Service Level Agreement which encompasses guaranteed response times and target resolution times.

Loved by hundreds of businesses across Australia


Government agency ready

We are pleased to be approved on the following panels enabling Government agencies to procure our services simply.

Federal Panels

Telecommunication Marketplace Panel
Digital Transformation Agency
Information Communications Technology Provider Arrangement (ICTPA)
Department of Defence


Don’t risk your security with just anyone. We are Australia’s most audited and certified Security Provider and we bake in Security by design into every single one of our product and service offerings.
Our core infrastructure, cloud platforms and telecommunications core are irap assessed demonstrating our commitment to security.
When we say protected, we mean PROTECTED. Our data hosting services are certified to the Protected level under the Federal Government’s Hosting Certification Framework.
As a member of the Defence Industry Security Program, we provide Security Cleared Personnel to a wide range of organisations. This means you get a higher level of security, no matter your industry.
We engage third party penetration testers to perform both internal and external penetration testing against our platforms and systems on an annual basis, and we combine this with weekly vulnerability scans which are performed by our team.
We have held the ISO 27001 certification for over seven years and after all that time, these controls are well and truly baked in to our operating standards.

Our certifications and compliance

As a critical partner to our customers, how we operate is of paramount importance to both us and them. That's why we've implemented ISO global best practices in the areas of Quality, Environmental, Data Security, Risk Management, Service Management and Occupational Health and Safety. We are audited against these frameworks and maintain stringent internal practices to ensure we continue to conform.

  • Information Security Management System (ISO 27001) certified
  • Environmental Management System (ISO 14001) certified
  • Quality Management System (ISO 9001) certified
  • Occupational Health and Safety Systems (ISO 45001) certified
  • Information Technology Service Management (ISO 20000) compliant
  • Risk Management (ISO 31000) compliant
Compass Assurance ISO 27001 Info Sec
Compass Assurance ISO 14001 Environment
Compass Assurance ISO 9001 Quality
Compass Assurance ISO 45001 Safety
Compliant with ISO 20000 IT Service Management
Compliant with ISO 31000 Risk Management

We work with the best

Our industry is full of vendors offering products to help overcome a challenge but, as an engineering led business that is absolutely passionate about ensuring our customers’ IT environments are highly available and secure, we have selected only the best to work with.
Palo Alto Networks
HPE Aruba Networking
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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