Although Australia has weathered the coronavirus pandemic, the ensuing lockdown has impacted Australian industries and businesses massively. As we are starting to recover, organisations must confront a range of obstacles, including:

  • Costs and cash flow: Although government support has insulated business from the worst of lockdowns, successful companies will need to reduce costs, and maintain cash flow in 2021. They will need to look to automation, streamlined processes and reduced headcount.
  • Supply chain: Consumer confidence and spending have slumped during the pandemic. Impacts on the global supply chain have created difficulties in fulfilling demand.
  • Security: The move to remote work has created a headache for IT administrators now tasked with supporting a wide range of devices across multiple locations. There has been a marked increase in phishing and other cyber attacks since lockdowns commenced.


How can a Managed Print Service help?

The pandemic emphasised that businesses must adapt to changing circumstances and print needs are no exception.

Over the past fifteen years, Managed Print Services have evolved from a simple leasing arrangement to a complete managed service. A service that consolidates hardware, increases office space, improves sustainability, and lowers your total cost of printing and imaging ownership.

The pandemic accelerated Managed Printing Services, with cloud printing, enhanced document security, and workflow solutions now the standard.

A Managed Print provider assesses your existing printing environments to fine-tune an organisation’s printing networks and manage printing infrastructure to reduce costs, boost staff productivity and enhance network and data security.

CT’s Managed Print Service replaces your existing printers, scanners and copiers with the latest devices. We then handle maintenance, parts and supplies to keep your business processes running smoothly.

Outsourcing print-related infrastructure alleviates challenges and enables the digital innovation required to thrive in the post-pandemic economy.

The benefits of CT’s Managed Print services include:

  • Controlled costs: Printing has always been a high cost for organisations, with IDC’s research placing document costs at 5-15% of an organisation’s revenue. Despite this fact, most organisations do not track their printing costs. CT’s Managed Print Service controls resources, dramatically reducing your costs. We also provide reporting on device usage, security status, consumable usage and print usage, helping you make informed financial decisions.
  • Award-Winning Support: Our award-winning Service Desk and technology partner Konica Minolta, ensure you get the assistance you need when you need it.
  • Latest Technology: The latest print technologies do more with less. New print devices use fewer consumables and power and modernise your document processes and workflow to streamline your business and increase efficiencies.
  • Continuous Innovation: Konica Minolta has been a leader in printing and imaging technologies for over 100 years. Their commitment to innovation has never wavered. Today this includes analytics, automation and environmental standards. As a managed print customer, their services will be available to you.
  • Document Security: The ever-increasing reliance on technology brings with it many security concerns, so your IT partners must understand the cybersecurity landscape. Document management and printing security are at risk of being overlooked. While simple mistakes like sensitive documents left in common areas are easy to identify and mitigate, more significant risks exist. For example, a poorly configured print network could leave an unlocked backdoor to your business network. Our Managed Print Service does not complicate your network with add-on solutions. Instead, we work with you to employ best practice print security and only recommend devices with advanced security features.
  • Sustainability: Our Managed Print Service gets you the latest printing technology, with the latest devices consuming less power and consumables. Newer, higher-capacity printers often mean you can reduce the number of devices in your organisation for even more environmental benefit.


Although often overlooked, a Managed Print Service can provide many benefits for your organisation, while also lowering your total cost of ownership. Please speak with us today to discover how CT and Konica Minolta can help your organisation.