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We are a team of diverse, knowledgeable and passionate people working in partnership with our customers to deliver them a frictionless technology experience to enable their growth.

Engineering led

We are an engineering-led business, with six of our eight executives from an IT engineering background. We also maintain a philosophy that our team leaders must be experts in their field. This experts-leading-experts approach is utilised by some of the world’s most successful technology companies, and we're proud to have adopted it from day one.
Technical people typically want to advance their knowledge and hone their skills and, in turn, want to work for someone that can support them on this journey. Our people can escalate technical challenges to their leaders and receive guidance and support all the while continuing to learn and hone their technical skills. This approach has led us to a higher-than-normal average employee retention rate which is fantastic for our customers.

Meet our leadership

  • Adam Centorrino

    Adam Centorrino

    CEO and Founder

    Founder and CEO of Centorrino Technologies, Adam Centorrino has been in the tech and IT industry for more than 23 years. Responsible for product strategy and the company’s overall direction, Adam has grown CT from a local IT support company to the national 300-people strong managed IT services provider it is today.

    His passion for people and customer services has only strengthened as CT has continued its journey, with CT winning countless customer service awards and maintaining a 99% customer retention rate for many years. It’s this same dedication to people that has also led CT to be listed as one of the best places to work for many years.

    He is the co-founder and Executive Director of the Bully Zero Australia Foundation, a group focused on educating workplaces on schools on the devastating impacts of bullying. With a strong educational background, Adam also founded the online student portal Bloum in 2019 to help schools enhance student health and well-being programs.

  • Ross Daniels

    Ross Daniels

    Chief Product Officer

    Joining our team in 2021, Ross leads up our managed service delivery functions. This includes System Engineering, Consultancy Services, Database Administration, Projects, and Profession Services. If you’re a CT customer, chances are you’re using one of the many services Ross and his team manage.

    With over 20 years in the tech and IT sector, Ross’ career includes roles from operations management to technical services and product management. Applying his extensive industry knowledge, Ross is passionate about creating services and products that innovate how our customers work.

    Prior to CT Ross was the General Manager of Melbourne Operations at Viatek and COO of Comcity Technology.

  • Julie Kirk

    Julie Kirk

    Head of People and Culture

    Julie brings over 15 years’ experience from across the UK, EMEA and APAC into our people and culture role, where she will continue to nurture our remarkable culture. Julie's deep understanding of commercial needs, diversity, social responsibility, and forging trusted partnerships, combined with her expertise in human-centred design, effective leadership, performance enhancement, and mentorship for growth, will greatly benefit our team members who are deeply committed to our company and making a difference.

    Julie is passionate about empowering businesses to develop, engage, and retain high-performing teams, and takes calculated risks to creatively disrupt the norm. Her skills in this field have been widely recognised in the Human Resources Director Magazine’s list of most Innovative HR Teams in 2022 and 2023, in winning the 2023 HR Award for the Best Leadership Development Program and being the #1 Intern Program in Australia (AAGE) in 2019.

    Prior to CT, Julie worked for several IT and technology companies of different sizes and industries including Halaxy, Halcyon Knights, and eNett.

  • Domenico Garfi

    Domenico Garfi

    Chief Revenue Officer

    A results-driven and people-focused leader, Dom brings with him over 15 years of experience in sales and revenue management across IT and telco industries. In his role as Chief Revenue Officer, Dom is responsible for the Sales, Pre-Sales, Marketing, Vendor and Partner Alliance, and Customer Success teams. He works closely with our vendors, partners, and the wider business to ensure we continuously deliver market-leading technology.

    His professional passion lies in building relationships, solving complex problems, and delivering successful projects that help achieve business outcomes. Living and breathing the CT way, he’s passionate about his people and providing support, coaching and guidance to help them reach their full potential.

    Prior to joining the team in 2021, Dom worked for a number of IT and telecommunication companies including Optus, Ethan Group and Nextgen.

  • Nicholas Iacobucci

    Nicholas Iacobucci

    Chief Technology Officer

    A CTer for more than 10 years, Nick is responsible for our technology investments and technology platform development. He also leads the technical teams that support thousands of users and business systems each and every day. Essentially, if you’ve used one of our systems or networks, you’ve got Nick and his team to thank!

    A true tech innovator, Nick is passionate about uncovering new ways to solve problems, streamlining how we and our customers work, and integrating tech to enhance our every day.

    Working across a diverse number of roles in his career – from Engineer to Servers and Networks – Nick can not only understand the detail but strategically leverage them to create the best customer and employee experiences possible.

  • Phil Milione

    Phil Milione

    Chief Operating Officer

    Starting as a Desktop Support Officer, Phil joined our leadership team as Chief Operating Officer in December 2022. With 12 years of experience in operations, audio visual and tech, Phil is responsible for our Operations and Audio Visual teams. This includes operations, facilities, procurement, revenue assurance, and our audio, visual and display experts.

    With a passion for customer-aligned tech and transformation, Phil inspires an outcome-focused approach that puts our clients first. His experience across several roles in our business also allows him to apply his process knowledge to streamline and enhance client ordering and our day-to-day operations.

    Prior to Centorrino Technologies, he was a Logistics Supervisor with Interdyn and a Lead Technician at Apple.

  • Andrew Rankin

    Andrew Rankin

    Chief Customer Officer

    Andy was appointed as CT’s first Chief Customer Officer in August 2021. He brings with him over two decades of service and leadership experience, seven of which are in various roles here at CT.

    Working in roles from product management, operational delivery, strategy and customer service, Andy brings all this experience together to create exceptional customer experiences across their CT journey.

    His title gives it away, but customers are also at the heart of everything Andy does. As Chief Customer Officer, Andy is responsible for customer experience strategy across digital, service and operational delivery as well as customer care functions. Passionate about continuous improvement, Andy oversees all customer experience-focused projects, activities and initiatives. It’s his dedication to the customer that drives our award-winning customer service.

  • Peng Wang

    Peng Wang

    Chief Financial Officer

    Peng, in his role as the Group Financial Controller, oversees and manages the financial operations of the entire group company. He is responsible for financial planning, budgeting, forecasting, analysis, and reporting, ensuring compliance with accounting standards, regulatory requirements, and internal controls. Additionally, Peng provides financial insights and recommendations to senior management to support strategic decision-making.

    Peng has dedicated over 12 years of his career to Centorrino Technologies Group, holding various financial control and management roles. Before joining CT, he also gained experience in financial roles in the construction, retail, and travel tourism industries.

    Peng is passionate about driving financial performance and adding value through effective financial management. He thrives on analysing complex financial data, identifying areas of improvement, and implementing strategies to optimise financial outcomes. Moreover, he is enthusiastic about fostering strong cross-functional relationships and collaborating with stakeholders to achieve shared goals.

  • Dean Allright

    Dean Allright

    General Counsel

    Dean’s 30+ years of international IT, IP, infrastructure, and privacy law experience equips him well to deliver legal support across CT’s business. His preference for practicality and pragmatism, together with his deep knowledge across all legal aspects of technology contracting and lifecycle management, assists CT in delivering its services without being exposed to unacceptable legal risk.

    Dean is driven, fair and passionate about the quality of his outcomes. He thrives on being a straightforward problem solver with extremely strong communication and negotiation skills. His analytical thinking skills and creativity give him an enviable ability to respond to increasingly complex regulatory regimes. He has also been recognised as a diversity and flexibility champion including when, in 2018, he was named one of the Deloitte Top 50 “Outstanding 50 LGBTI Leaders”.

    Prior to joining CT, Dean led various legal teams and the legal advice on a number of complex technology and compliance projects in the highly regulated Banking and Finance sector across 19 years with ANZ. Dean has also held roles in the telecommunications sector in the Netherlands and New Zealand as well as at one of New Zealand’s top tier law firms.

A happy team means happy customers

Because IT can be a thankless industry, we're passionate about creating an awesome place to work where our people feel loved and enjoy what they do. This ultimately leads to a lower team member churn rate which is great for our customers.

  • We are proud of our incredibly low 6.72% turnover rate.
  • We consistently achieve a greater than +67 Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS).
  • Our glassdoor reviews are consistently greater than 4.5 stars.
  • 97% of our people would recommend CT as a great place to work.

...oh, and we were named in the Great Places to Work awards too:

Great Place To Work Certified - November 2022 to November 2023 - Australia
Great Place To Work Certified - April 2024 to April 2025 - Australia

20% of our team are women

and we're growing this to 35% in the next 12 months!

A culturally diverse team with one common goal

Supporting over 30 for‑purpose organisations annually

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We are a human-centric company that is passionate about our customers and being great citizens. People are our most important assets and we are proud of our team members and the work that they do.