Our Managed Systems Service extends the capabilities of your in-house IT team by outsourcing the management of your core systems, infrastructure and components. We manage over 2000 server systems every day, giving you the confidence that only CT can.

The CT Difference

Our Managed IT Services and Systems offering provides coverage for all core infrastructure and server system contained within your environment including SANs, Hypervisor Servers, Virtual Servers, Physical Servers, Network Attached Storage, and the Applications which reside on these server systems. It incorporates clear areas of responsibilities at the extremities with your team being responsible for end-user support and the management of network components whilst our team is responsible for systems infrastructure.

Systems Operations Centre (SOC)

Our best-practice SOC manages and maintains your infrastructure, including Storage Area Network Systems, Server Systems, Software Applications and Platforms. Our specialist Microsoft and Linux Engineers have the necessary skills and certifications to ensure best practice operations.

First Touch Resolution

We have embedded Level 3 System and Network Engineers within our support teams, ensuring that issues get resolved at first contact, without the need for time-consuming escalations.

Unified System Management

Our Cobalt Management System is our centralises all tickets, incidents, problems, configurations, feedback, and asset information, ensuring a single source of truth is maintained.

Knowledge Base

We maintain detailed documentation, network diagrams, processes and procedures for your organisation within our knowledgebase, giving all our engineers access to up-to-date information on your systems.

Our Managed Systems Service includes:

Reactive Support

Our System Operations Centre engineers work to remedy situations that have been escalated from your team or by our Monitoring Centre, ensuring that any reactive issue is prioritised based on the impact caused to your organisation.

Phone Support

Unlike other Service Providers, we encourage customers that require support for an issue they deem to be urgent to contact our Helpdesk team via telephone. We maintain ultra-low wait times on our helpdesk, on average less than 52 seconds allowing for calls to be quickly answered.

Strategic Advice

We have incorporated the ability for our Customer Success Managers to collaborate with you to provide strategic input to your IT plan surrounding the network elements of your environment coupled with active involvement in the planning for network technology at your organisation.

Capacity Planning

Capacity planning forms part of the responsibility of our Systems Operations Centre whereby the core infrastructure elements of your environment are monitored for utilisation and where the capacity nears 80% on a regular basis, planning for capacity upgrades commences.

ISO Certified

As an ISO 27001 certified organisation, you can be sure that our Information Security Management System (ISMS) is maintained, up to date and externally audited on an annual basis by an accredited body.

Our Capabilities

Get an award winning IT Partner working for you

We equip organisations with the flexibility and security that only an award-winning Managed Service Provider (MSP) can provide, taking care of the day-to-day running of IT environments.

Strategic advice to drive your digital ambitions

We work with you to plan IT strategy for your organisation with a focus on reducing your business risks whilst improving your operational efficiency.

We support your transition to the cloud

Drive your business further with a hosting, cloud environments and business continuity solutions.

Communication solutions to enable your flexible workforce

We provide unified communication solutions to give you a single source of information that is available anytime, from anywhere.

We provide the flexibility and control your organisation requires

We provide control on how your devices are procured, supported and managed, allowing you to focus on driving your organisation forward.

Fast reliable communications for the digital age

We provide enterprise-grade connectivity services that your organisation can rely on.

We help accelerate your digital advantage

We combine business process and operational expertise with technological know-how to help organisations improve performance, deliver key projects, lower risk transform their processes.

Uplift your team's technology literacy with our Academy Services

We provide eLearning expertise combined with Learning Management knowhow to help raise the technology literacy of your team.

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