Managed IT Services

We provide organisations with the flexibility and security that only an award-winning Managed Service Provider (MSP) can. We take care of the day-to-day running of your IT environment, leaving you free to focus on your core business.


What is Managed IT Services?

Managed IT Services delivers flexibility and security for your organisation through being managed by an experienced Manage Service Provider. This allows the organisation with experienced management  at the helm of your IT environments day-to-day operations, management and support. 

Our managed IT Service offering is a comprehensive and all-encompassing outsourced model which provides your organisation with the ability to obtain an outsourced IT department with minimal in-house resources.

The CT Managed IT Services Framework

Strategic Advice

Our specialist Virtual CIO will guide your IT strategy with a focus on reducing risk and improving operational efficiency throughout your organisation.

Training + Development

End user training is critical to obtaining the highest level of efficiency from your team. As a result, we incorporate ongoing training in our service offering for your team.

Proactive Monitoring

Through utilising monitoring and remote management platforms, our team proactively responds to alerts that may impact functionality across the platforms and systems your organisation relies upon.

An allencompassingapproach tofacilitating ICTwithin yourorganisation

Backup + Discovery Recovery

Data integrity and Business Continuity and critical for every organisation. We incorporate the management of these crucial functions alongside continual advice to keep your organisation resilient.


We provide your organisation an unlimited number of business hours support for both end users and devices to increase the overall up-time and resilience of your IT environment.

Benefits - Why do I need a Managed IT Service?

Enterprise Grade

Managed IT Services provide cost-effective access to enterprise-level support. CT take the responsibility of hiring, training and retraining specialised IT staff away from you. Our Managed IT service also gives you access to trained specialists that you would not be able to utilise as full time staff, addressing gaps within your own team's technical skill set.

A Tailored Fit

We offer a wide range of additional services so you can choose the best options that address the unique requirements of your business. Our solutions are flexible and scalable, so we can always meet your needs as your business changes.

Best Practice

To deliver a high quality, consistent service, we are ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 certified. In additional we hold technical certifications with leading IT Vendors including Microsoft, Apple, Aruba and Cisco so you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

Fixed Costs

Our managed offering gives your fixed, predictable monthly costs, providing you certainty in your IT investment. All our fees and charges are open and transparent so there are no nasty surprises.

Service Availability

Our best practice processes and real-time monitoring reduce the need to react to issues with your environment. By monitoring and managing your infrastructure availability, performance and health, we reduce outages, and ensure your team gets a technology environment they can rely upon to succeed.

Your Environment…powered by CT’s industryleading toolsets

We utilise several toolsets to ensure that our team has all of the information they require to deliver the highest levels of customer service and support. The following toolsets will be deployed within your environment as part of our Managed IT Service offering:

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Cobalt Management System

Efficiently capture all customer tickets, incidents, configurations, feedback lodged by your organisation. Cobalt Management System also handled service billing and is modelled to the ITIL standard.

Liberty Console

Our Liberty Console provides end-users with a single, seamless view of all your support requests lodged with CT in a user friendly process.

Knowledge Base Platform

Utilising the Knowledge Base Platform, the CT team provides consistent high quality service standards with detailed documentation, processes and procedures.

Device Management Platform

Our device management platform collects a wide array of system and device data within your environment and provides our team remote access. This enables our team to manage your assets remotely 24x7.

Monitoring Platform

Deployed during your onboarding process to ensure the CT team has visibility during regular checks across your core infrastructure, network and systems.

Award-winning Customer Service

Net Promoter Score

Average Customer Feedback Score

Average Helpdesk Wait Time

Data Centre Uptime

Managed IT Services Support Options

Our Service Desk team acts as the primary central point of contact for end users and is based at CT headquarters in Melbourne. Our commitment to service quality ensures Level 2 trained Systems Analysts are always on hand and our entire Service Desk team is constructed of staff with a focus on experience and passion when it comes to delivering quality customer service.


The review of incoming requests and categorising and actioning the is conducted quickly with a focus on accuracy.

Phone Support

We embrace our customers' need to call us and maintain average wait times of under one minute with an 80% first touch resolution rate.

Liberty Console

Customised forms accessible on end user devices enable faster ticket submission for the customer and more effective resolutions from the CT team.

Web Portal

The portal provides users with the appropriate level of access the ability to review invoices as an alternative to Liberty Console.

Live Chat

Our Liberty Console provides end users the ability to chat with the Service Desk for immediate support. Chat history automatically is inserted into your ticket for future review.

Email Support

Prefer email for your support? CT have you covered with the Service Desk managing a support email address that automatically generates a support request ticket for fast resolution.

Mass Communications

Unforeseen circumstances like potential platform or system outages are the focus of our Incident Manager who will broadly communicate these updates to customer primary contacts in these events.

Application Support

Our team supports a large number of user applications which are constantly reviewed and updated. We maintain the latest copy of our supported list at:


Cyber security is the practice of protecting your computer networks and user data from unauthorised access or theft. Common cyber security measures include firewalls, anti-virus and malware software, and end-user training.

A cyber security threat is an act or event that could potentially jeopardise the security of an organisation’s computer systems and data. These range from the human-based lone-wolf style individual hackers and rogue nation-states to automated bugs and bots that run rampant across cyberspace looking for vulnerabilities. Networks, applications and human error are common entry points for cyber threats.

The annual cost of global cybercrime is estimated to exceed 6 trillion dollars globally in 2022, with a cyber attack occurring every 11 seconds (SumoLogic). The growing sophistication and variety of cyberattacks continue to evolve and accelerate rapidly. The ever-increasing number of network entry points and our growing reliance on the internet for everyday tasks only increase the level of threats. Even a minimal cyber breach can cripple a business costing time, money, reputation and your invaluable data.

Some common types of cyber threats we see wreak havoc on organisations include:


  • Phishing attacks use fraudulent emails, text messages, instant messages and websites to steal personal information from users, such as passwords, bank account details, and credit card numbers.
  • Malware is software designed to damage or disable computers and computer systems, often to hold your systems and data for ransom. Attackers install it on a device through covert methods or encourage someone to click on a phishing email link to initiate malware installation inside your organisation.
  • Denial of Service (DoS) makes a device or network unavailable to users by flooding the target with so much traffic it crashes.
  • Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) attacks leverage a middle man to intercept information between two devices to read or modify information sent over the network.
  • Brute force attacks gain unauthorised access to a computer or other electronic device. The attacker tries many passwords or passphrases to get the correct answer to force their way into your systems.
  • Zero-day exploits leverage unknown vulnerabilities in software or hardware. Attackers discover these vulnerabilities and exploit them before the software developers become aware of them and fix them.

Like most threats, prevention is better (and a lot more affordable) than the cure, and fortunately, there are numerous ways to prevent malicious attacks on your organisation’s systems. 

Encouraging staff awareness of cyber security best practices and following the Essential eight guidelines provided by the AASD and ACSC can prevent an estimated 85% of breaches.

Utilising professional cyber security solutions, including firewalls, anti-virus and malware software, and repeated end-user training can ensure you are protected from all forms of cyber attack.

Our Accreditations

As an ISO certified organisation, you can be sure that our Information Security Management System (ISMS), Environmental Management System (EMS), Quality Management System (QMS), and Occupational Health and Safety Systems are maintained, up to date and externally audited on an annual basis by an accredited body.


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