We believe that data is the foundation of the connected age. At CT we help you protect, analyse and uncover patterns to unlock value within your existing data.

The CT Difference

Our expert consultants help you to manage and trust your data, establish governance and ownership and demonstrate methods to strategically use your data to support business objectives and decision making. Our cloud-based solutions help to enable agility within your business, whilst also lowering the costs of integrating data across business systems, delivering better reporting and analytics.

Vendor Relationships

We have strong relationships with vendors such as Microsoft, Domo, Tableau and Salesforce to ensure that we can recommend the right product mix for your team, gain preferential pricing and support your needs into the future.

Quick Implementation

Our Quickstart approach, coupled with leading cloud-based solutions mean that we can get you up and running quickly, and foster organisational support through implementing 'quick-wins' early in the engagement.

The right fit

Getting the right consultant for your project involves more than just technical skills. Our experienced recruiters also run personality tests during our on-boarding process so that we match consultants and organisations for cultural as well as technical expertise.

Unbiased Advice

Our consultants are technology agnostic, and will provide you with multiple options for meeting your digital needs. You can rest assured that with CT, you will get tailored solutions that are right for your organisation, now and into the future.

How we can help

Data Management

We establish business ownership, knowledge and trust in data assets. Our specialists ensure legal, regulatory and corporate compliance for your organisation and establish governance processes to ensure data integrity moving forward.


Our Data Specialists can help to solve you back-end data integration. Whether from cloud, on premise systems, flat files or legacy tools, we can help you cleanse, and get control of your data, and automate future updates.

Data Driven Culture

Tools are one thing, actually using them is something else. We provide training and change management to create a data-driven culture across your entire organisation, then support this with the best tools and dashboards available. We empower your team with self-service analytics to truly leverage your data in business decisions.

Process Improvement

Empower your users to take action and solve tough business problems with intelligent solutions that are natively connected with real-time data. Our cloud first approach puts dashboards, apps and tools in the hands of all decision makers, whilst remaining compliant to your data governance and security policies.

Customer Obsessed Approach

There is no point building tools that users don't love. We help you to address your user's pain points and close the gaps between expectations and the current experience.

Our Partners

We are not tied to any one technology. Our customer-centric approach means we use the best solutions and vendors for your specific needs.

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