As technology continues to change and evolve, it’s no secret that the education system must adapt with it.

The future of work sees the next generation increasingly move to a digitalised world. Children learn and develop from a young age, and the education system is here to foster that learning. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) education is paramount to the world our children are currently living and this is why schools are moving to the increasing use of technology in classrooms.

Technology Enhances STEM Learning

STEM learning is increasingly popular in the classroom, seeking to provide students with in-depth learning in areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. STEM learning challenges students to develop their critical and creative thinking, collaboration and communication skills in an interactive environment. Technology plays a huge role in this.

From coding gadgets like Cozmo and Sphero to virtual reality technology seeking to provide an immersive learning experience, there are a number of digital tools emerging in education. With a greater move from paper to digital, many schools are incorporating iPads, Chromebooks and Windows Surface’s to enhance student curriculum.

Google Chromebooks Facilitating Individual Learning

Chromebooks are an inexpensive, easy to use and a readily available laptop that runs on Google’s web-based Chrome OS. Although web-based, Chromebooks are able to be used offline and in a classroom setting, they are proving very successful in individual learning. Teachers have access to the Google Admin Console which allows them to view the usage of every student and see if a particular student may be struggling or falling behind. Teachers are able to set appropriate tasks to cater to students needs and ways of learning.

Importance of Teacher Development

Technology in education is one aspect, having teachers who are confident users is another. If teachers struggle to understand and use classroom technology, there is less of a chance they will want to make lessons digital. Teachers need to understand and confidently know how to use educational technology to get the most out of it in the classroom. This is why professional development is extremely important and why every school should invest in a training day to educate staff on the importance of technology being used in their curriculum.

As the way students learn changes, it’s no secret the future of work is also changing. STEM learning seeks to prepare the future generation for the digital world of work they are bound to enter into. Teachers must be well equipped to meet the technological needs of their students, and this will only be achieved through professional development.