Digital Transformation, it’s a buzzword that your organisation most likely won’t stop hearing. It’s no secret that digital transformation is integral for success and we’re here to explain how your organisation can create a smooth transition.

Most CEOs are currently questioning where their organisation sits in the digital transition process – it is becoming more important than ever to remain relevant and stay ahead of the game. It can be tricky unpacking how to manage digital transformation is its not your area of expertise.

This is where a Managed Service Provider (MSP) can help. An MSP exists to provide the knowledge and experience needed to collaborate with an organisation and drive the transition to a digital workplace.

To define, digital transformation is a pathway of integrating digital capabilities into the various systems, networks and processes of an organisation. The positives of growing your organisation digitally include speed, agility and working smarter with the help of technology.

For 2019, Gartner is predicting IT spending in Australia will reach $94B. It’s no surprise that businesses are continually looking to expand and get ahead of their competition. Understanding where to focus on IT budgets for your organisation is key to long-term success and can be achieved with the help of an MSP.

Changing the way your organisation runs its business can be scary – and that’s why teaming with an MSP can prove so rewarding.

The Digital Age has contributed to the rise in third-party IT providers. MSP’s provide the knowledge, experience and equipment needed to ensure your organisation continues to grow digitally.

An MSP can give your organisation a competitive edge due to the specialisation their services can provide. Hiring an expert team with experience in the roles of keeping your organisation moving forward with innovating tech can be a cost-effective digital pathway to take.

A good MSP works to empower organisations and employees to move forward with their digital strategies and allow them to excel and grow. A good MSP also identifies risks and provide appropriate security precautions where needed in an organisation’s digital strategy.

Choosing a Cloud Pathway

Choosing a cloud pathway for your organisation offers a unified form of technology that works across a multitude of different devices. A cloud approach provides employees with the flexibility to work from anywhere and at any time.

This flexibility to work from anywhere combined with reducing real estate costs are two major factors that have contributed to the success of the cloud. Organisations are understanding the positive impacts using the cloud can have to assist with growth and overall employee satisfaction through enterprise mobility.

According to IDC, the annual spending by enterprises on IT infrastructure hardware and maintaining private clouds in its datacentres will rise to $20.3 billion by 2020.

Why Grow Digitally?

If your organisation isn’t up to speed with growing digitally, you are falling behind. The advantages of digitisation are endless. For one, technology can assist in scalability and lead to increasing profit. The potential to reach a larger customer base will also rise. Going digital allows companies to connect with their customers and manage far greater amounts of data than ever before.

Make smarter decisions, stay competitive and remain ahead of the game with your digital strategy.