Microsoft Teams - Is this the workplace collaboration tool your organisation needs?

Microsoft Teams is an Office 365 extension created by Microsoft to improve workplace productivity and collaboration. This tool aims to create an easier flow of communication for organisations as information and files are shared to one central location. This platform allows internal communication to be kept separate from external interactions with customers.

Research forecasts that companies using Microsoft Teams will double in the next two years, expecting to rise from 21% to 41% by the end of 2020. If your organisation is already onboard with Office 365, then it may be time to grow with this collaboration tool. If not, perhaps consider what digital pathways your business is looking to take advantage of in the next few years and how Microsoft Teams may help.

Boost Workplace Productivity and Collaboration

Microsoft Teams is built for collaboration – ensuring conversations, chats, online meetings, shared files and tasks are all streamlined to one central location. This benefits all employees as team members can converse online, share documents and collaborate on a file, seeing all live edits and changes as they happen.

Focus on Tasks

Ever find yourself working on a task before quickly becoming sidetracked by something else? A huge reason for this may be the constant changing between emails and documents when attempting to collate all the information needed to finish a task. Scrolling through emails in search of what you need may be derailed quickly when something else catches your eye.

Luckily Microsoft Teams has made it easier to stay focused on a single task through the use of ‘channels’, where groups are formed for specific tasks and projects. Keeping all relevant work assigned to specific channels ensures assigned team members can easily access and work through projects.

Is Your Team Looped In?

The world of business is fast-paced and forever evolving. Weeks go past and it can be hard for staff to be looped in on everything they need to know. Microsoft Teams ensures a simple flow of communication. Creating relevant channels and inviting team members who are involved, keeps projects organised and ensures employees are updated on what they need to know and do. The @-mention is a successful tool used across Microsoft Teams when specific team members need to be across something.

Welcome the Cloud

The popularity of cloud-based solutions continues to grow in the digital workplace. Microsoft Teams has ensured this benefit as its a fully cloud-based solution. All information and files shared across this platform can be accessed anywhere and at anytime. With the digital workplace allowing for flexibility and mobility of staff – utilising a platform that makes it easier for employees to access the resources they need from their device delivers huge benefits to the organisation at large.

Whether your organisation is on Office 365 or not, Microsoft Teams offers an array of benefits to boost collaboration, transparency and productivity. Be sure your organisation remains ahead of the game.