In 2021, businesses of all sizes across Australia leveraged new technology solutions to meet the continued challenges of the pandemic and resulting lockdowns. We at CT spent much of this year blogging about these technologies to bring you the latest cyber security best practices, print technologies and ideas for the modern workplace.

We are confident that your technology journey is far from over, and like us, you may be looking for ways to continue innovating in 2022. While looking back on 2021, we compiled a list of blogs that you can revisit and take with you into the new year to hit the ground running.

Technology that gives your firm a competitive advantage in 2022

Secure your business to meet the challenges of the modern workplace

How much data do your staff share every day? Do you feel confident in its security?

Continued lockdowns meant that cloud platforms remained at the centre of business processes. We communicated via instant messaging and email at an elevated rate as we worked across disparate locations. With so much corporate data moving between us, cyber security has become a key topic for meeting the challenges of the modern workplace.

You might plan on transitioning your business to a hybrid model of work. As such, people may change the devices and networks they leverage as they move between the home and office, which creates another point of vulnerability.

Now is not the time to slow down on your cyber security initiatives. As you prepare your modern workplace for 2022, you need to ensure you have the technology on hand to keep it secure.

Take your PCs to the cloud with Windows 365

Microsoft released Windows 365 back in July to provide people with a virtual Windows desktop whether they work from the office, their home or while travelling. With Windows 365, you can work on your laptop, tablet or computer at home or anywhere, with the same consistent user experience. 

Windows 365 allows end-users to stream their Windows PC to any device with a browser,  such as a phone, tablet or Mac. Workers who require specific desktops, such as engineers, software developers, and creative staff, can configure their virtual PC and access those exact settings no matter which device they work from.

Beyond providing flexible working options, Windows 365 also offers the scalability of the cloud. The subscription model follows a per-user-per-month pricing, so you can scale your subscriptions up or down depending on the number of people who need access to desktops in your business.

Consulting to your own business on cyber security

Conduct a phishing test to strengthen your human defences

Phishing tests provide your workforce with an opportunity to test themselves on the level of knowledge they possess regarding phishing attacks. A phishing simulation is not an attempt to deliberately be deceitful or expose people who fail the test. Rather, it can become a team-building exercise that challenges people and allows everyone to learn from their experience – whether or not they fell for it.

Ultimately, a phishing test allows senior teams or your technology consulting partner to create solid human defences by educating everyone on cyber crime. Furthermore, everyone can learn a lot about phishing attacks by creating emails themselves and becoming aware of public information that can be easily weaponised to target specific people or departments.

We recommend phishing tests as one method of strengthening the human element of your cyber security strategy in 2022.

Should you make a ransomware payment?

Ransomware attacks cause significant financial losses by interrupting business operations as your team no longer has access to the data and documents they need to complete their work. Additionally, you might receive damage to your reputation, which is more challenging to recover than lost data.

When organisations experience an attack, they might make the ransomware payment to restore regular operations, preserve their data and mitigate reputational damage. On the other hand, if your organisation decides to pay a ransom, you might become a target for other cyber attacks as you have become a profitable target.

The answer to whether or not you should make a ransomware payment is usually specific to each case. We believe that it is not a great idea to make these payments as they do not guarantee safe return of your data. However, there are some circumstances wherein you may deem it necessary. Either way, we recommend working with a cyber security expert to put the right safeguards in place to mitigate the impact should you experience an attack in future.

Print Technology for 2022

Bring Managed Print Services into your operations

Managed Print Services (MPS) remove the burden of printer maintenance from your staff and organisation. For example, you did not hire your team to solve routine printer issues and manage supplies. You need their skills focused on high-level tasks that contribute to your company’s growth.

MPS providers monitor supplies such as paper, ink and toner to ensure you always have what you need available. When you run into problems, your MPS provider will resolve the issue so that you do not have to engage a third party unfamiliar with your printing infrastructure.

A managed print service (MPS) provider deploys and oversees your organisation’s print infrastructure. The provider will assess a company’s printing requirements, manage the hardware, and optimise the printing load.

Take printing to the cloud with Microsoft Universal Print

Microsoft Universal Print cloud-based solution allows employees to print from any device on your organisation’s network, as long as you have a Universal Print-compatible device. Microsoft also offers a Universal Print Connector that enables you to connect to older, incompatible printers.

You can leverage Microsoft Universal Print alongside your on-premises servers, drivers, hubs, cables and other infrastructure. Complete adoption of Universal Print allows you to eliminate on-premises print infrastructure and reduce the costs associated with maintaining it.

Microsoft Universal Print became available in March 2021. With Windows 11 already released, Microsoft has implemented various minor updates and bug fixes for Universal Print, making it more user-friendly and effective than ever.

With the adoption of cloud technology accelerating in recent years, many companies also wish to take their printing infrastructure to the cloud. Microsoft Universal Print is one technology you can leverage.

Managed IT services with Centorrino Technologies

We take the day-to-day running of your IT environment so that you and your team can focus on core business activities. Our offering is a comprehensive outsourced model that provides you with the IT support you need with minimal in-house resources.

Visit our Managed IT Services page for more on our capabilities.