Whether your school runs Synergetic in Terms or Semesters, you’ll always eventually need to perform a rollover. Even schools that only have a single cycle need to perform one rollover per year.  

School rollovers prepare your next reporting period and simplify the administrative process for many of your school processes. For instance, it transitions staff members into the period, which is especially important for schools using Schoolbox as they use the staff member’s Term or Semester(part of their Synergetic User Profile). 

A successful school rollover also allows Accounts Receivable to conduct appropriate billing as the students will be in the right classes. This is important if students are moving into different classes in a new Term or Semester. 

Unfortunately, many schools don’t know how to correctly perform the rollover. There are additional issues if you’ve recently been onboarded onto Synergetic, or if there have been significant shifts in staff roles. As such, we’ve put together this quick guide to help you with the rollover process.  


How to implement the rollover 

Implementing the rollover, whether for the end of term or semester, consists of a five-step process: 

  1. Define the Term (Students > File Term Maintenance). This may have already been done; some schools create all terms/semesters at the start of the year. 
  2. Create the next Term (Students > Create Next Term Details). This will copy the SubjectClass, StudentClass, TimetableDefinitions, Timetables, SubjectAssessmentAreas, and so on as per the Next Term or Next Semester Rollover Rules. 
  3. For schools with Timetable Integration, it’s necessary to copy the schedule from the current term to the next one (Students > Timetable Maintenance, Timetable Config tab). When you do so, remember to follow the following guidelines: 
    • Top Grid
      • [Timetabler Only] Update the path (if using a different TDF file). 
      • [Edval MultiGrid Only] Change the existing Timetable Codes, so the existing ones can be reused in the new term. 
    • Bottom Grid: Update the start and end dates.
  4. For schools using Progressive Reporting, it’s necessary to prepare the SubjectAssessmentAreas (Students > Create Term Results).
  5. Transition the staff into the new term (Students > Finalise Term). 

The first three steps can be conducted at any time. The fourth step should only be done once all results have been finalised for the current term or semester. The fifth step should only be done once the current term or semester is finished — that is, there will be no further changes for the current period. 


We help out with all things Synergetic 

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