Many organisations are looking for more efficient ways to improve printing workflow in today’s mobile and remote workforce. New trends such as BYOD policies are adopted and provide flexible options to support mobile printing.

The BYOD policy delivers many benefits in the remote working environment to both organisations and employees alike. Organisations save costs in purchasing devices and employees are more comfortable with familiar operating systems, making them more productive and happier workers.

Printing will continue to remain an essential resource in the office however in this digital age, more employees are looking for easier and efficient ways to print. For organisations, this can be difficult, time-consuming, and costly, due to the lack of consistent standardisation in BYOD policies and, the difficulties in developing a robust mobile printing solution that can support multiple operating systems.

The value in supporting print capabilities in BYOD is essential to the adoption and growth of the remote workforce. Thankfully, print management software such as PaperCut MF allows organisations to do just this. Print management software is designed to help organisations effectively manage and optimise printing devices and processes, in other words, giving you complete control and visibility to your print environment.

PaperCut MF software supports mobile printing technologies, ensuring BYOD and mobile devices can easily print securely and easily. The software features Mobility Print, which essentially allows users to print documents seamlessly and securely through any BYOD device.

Here are three strong benefits to printing with BYOD devices using PaperCut MF which include,

1. Printing made easy

Printing using BYOD is a tedious task, employees would have to send documents to company-issued devices, wait for it to send through, open the document, click print and then go to the nearest printer to collect their documents. This process is not only time consuming, but frustrating to employees who just simply want to print.

This is no longer the case with Mobility Print in Paper Cut MF. PaperCut has designed this feature to easily be integrated into the BYOD workflow, allowing employees to print efficiently on any mobile device without juggling between devices and applications. Users can easily set up by downloading the PaperCut Mobility Print App, enter their login details and press print. It’s as simple as that! This feature also gives organisations the flexibility to allow visitors and guests to have the option to print securely and seamlessly.

2. Supporting any device

Organisations are seeing an enormous range of BYOD devices connected to their print environment and it can be difficult to keep up. Integrating BYOD devices with different operating systems takes time and is costly over time, as many organisations are finding themselves investing in infrastructure and resources to support this.

Today employees want the flexibility to work where they want, when they want and on whatever device they choose. With the Mobility Feature in PaperCut MF, organisations are now able to support BYOD devices that run iOS, Windows, Android, and Chrome. This minimises the need for organisations to alter network infrastructure and the costs in obtaining the right resources. PaperCut’s Mobility feature empowers BYOD users with confidence in using their own devices whilst allowing for better BYOD flexibilities in the workplace.

3. Better BYOD securities

Organisations can find it difficult to have clear visibility and control over the amount of BYOD and mobile devices connected to the network. With no shortage of cyber-attacks, it’s important for organisations to ensure they have the right printing restrictions in place to reduce risks.

With PaperCut’s MF secure print features, organisations can set up securities in their BYOD printing environment to ensure they protect their company, people, and data. PaperCut looks at before, during and after printing to ensure maximum securities are applied throughout the printing workflow. Before printing, the access control feature will only allow organisations to apply selective printing restrictions to its users, controlling who can print and what they can print. During printing, the secure release feature ensures printing jobs are collected by the right people only when their identification cards are scanned or by entering login credentials. Finally, after printing, the watermarking feature can be used to ensure accountability and ownership of released documents so they can be tracked to the right people, team or department. These security benefits will help reduce the risks associated with BYOD devices in the printing environment, protecting critical data and documents with end-to-end encryptions to printing workflow.

PaperCut MF consolidates and centralises the printing environment, giving organisations the freedom to connect as many BYOD devices they want, without adding to costs, time, and resources.

It is now easier than ever to print from any mobile or BYOD device whilst ensuring your printing environment remains controlled and secure.

CT’s Managed Print offering is supported by PaperCut MF to continuously drive workflow efficiencies and securities to enterprise printing solutions.

CT’s Managed Print Service offering is a flexible on-demand driven model that enables you to scale the offering to perfectly suit your organization’s needs by allowing you to opt for
the model that best suits your needs encompassing a balance of monthly fixed pricing and variable pay for use charges.


If you want to extent BYOD printing capabilities throughout your entire organisation, speak to CT about their Managed Print Services today!

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