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Importance of SD-WAN

Organisations globally, irrespective of size, or industry vertical, are teeing-up to adopt Virtual WAN architectures. Ensuring versatile, swift and scalable connectivity is an imperative for your business too. Implementing SD-WAN should be high on your list of key infrastructure projects.

New technologies, while they can bring several benefits to organisations, come with their own set of caveats. A poorly chosen SD-WAN solution can introduce critical risks to your organisation’s connectivity. 

Hence, we, at Centorrino Technologies (CT) ask your business to evaluate your decision carefully.

Does your SD-WAN solution satisfy the following five criteria?


1. Does your SD-WAN address the prerequisites of all your network edges?

As a technology, SD-WAN can manage and optimise connections, rapidly grow to support several locations in real-time and accelerate cloud on-ramp. As businesses turn to SD-WAN to support complex branch deployments and replace archaic branch routing devices, your choice must be flexible enough to address all network edges. These network edges include home offices for teleworker usage and distributed cloud architectures.

Furthermore, in support of a cloud on-ramp, an SD-WAN solution should include virtual environments compatible with primary cloud services.


2. Does it include Zero-Touch Deployment and Orchestration?

Most zero-touch deployment SD-WAN technology solutions in the market today require a unique device auxiliary for every added cloud service provider. The result: added friction to the informational supply chain, rendering each device as a build to order unit, rather than a plug and play solution. By using an intelligent system which analyses the network capabilities and devices on the bus, the SD-WAN system can be truly independent and zero-touch. 

Furthermore, bridging the gap between DevOps and NetOps creates an intuitively resilient orchestration with high visibility across the network bus and multi-cloud environments. In turn, the intelligent technology takes your business away from redundant leg work and enables you to focus on what is important. An SD-WAN solution which intuitively orchestrates and introduces a zero-touch deployment can enable rapid configurations at scale. This enables them to support the higher calibre needs of critical collaboration web applications, such as:

  • Voice over internet protocol devices
  • Orchestrated video conferencing solutions
  • SaaS deployment
  • Edge computing for onshore or offshore servers


3. Does your SD-WAN enable self-healing?

Age-old WAN solutions face issues when inflicted with bandwidth-heavy business-critical web applications, in turn, decreasing the ability to operate effectively and ultimately impacting business as usual for internal and external stakeholders.

To make sure that your business runs with comparable agility, wherever the server might be routing the information to and from, your SD-WAN must be armed with dynamic path selection to identify application bandwidth usage and intuitively decipher the best route—thereby maximising the functionality of the application.

Furthermore, in the critical event of an outage, an SD-WAN solution needs to be capable enough to self-heal and automate the re-routing of traffic to the next available link. Your business should always keep running, and your users should always have the best experience. 


4. Is your SD-WAN solution built with integrated security?

Although many SD-WAN solutions fulfil the connectivity wants of distributed architectures, an essential requirement is missed out: security. In tandem to this expensive oversight, many solutions require auxiliary and costly overlay security solutions that leave significant security breaches, all the while increasing the maintenance staff overhead.

Incompatible SD-WAN solutions with loophole filler solutions like minimal firewall and extrinsic VPN capabilities leave corporate network architectures to deal on their own with cyber threats and compliance issues.

So, the question comes down to: does your business have a secure SD-WAN solution with the full-stack of integrated enterprise-grade security add-ons to protect your function from new-age cyber attacks or not?


5. Does your solution include comprehensive analytics and reporting?

With comprehensive analytics and reporting of your network, an enterprise-grade SD-WAN solution can enable your business with a single dashboard providing real-time insights into your system and application performance. IT teams can then troubleshoot and resolve network and security issues quickly, reducing downtime while ensuring that these twin functions are operating as a single system.

Furthermore, businesses armed with these dashboards, are also better equipped to fine-tune their product and ensure the best UX for their external stakeholders.


Selecting a secure SD-WAN that answers these questions for you

In this hyper-connected world of agile informational supply chains, the implosion of new network complexities invigorates the need for innovations across your network. So, it is imperative that you deploy solutions which are secure, agile and have all the intrinsic capabilities of a stock standard SD-WAN.

Distributed network architectures need a solution that ensures agility, self-healing, and flexibility, 

improving application performance and end-user experience. Furthermore, accelerated cloud on-ramp, advanced security to protect against evolving cyber threats, and enabling unified analytics and reporting for enhanced visibility and control is also crucial for your business. 

By adopting a flexible, scalable, secure and stable SD-WAN solution that meets each of the above requirements, your business will be well equipped to address not only the current needs of their networks but also any future needs that result from digital innovation initiatives.


Centorrino Connectivity Services

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