What happens when ... you get a data breach

Cyber Security
A girl using a laptop

Data breaches are no longer an if but rather a when scenario. With so much data on file – from student details to health and financial records – a data breach at your school isn’t just inconvenient. It’s a reputational, financial and operational risk you can’t afford.

Hosted alongside partner Fortinet, this on-demand webinar goes beyond the usual firewall discussion, providing first-hand learnings from security and education experts on key proactive steps you can take to minimise risk.

In this session, our experts will discuss:

  • How to best prepare your school for a data breach
  • Data policy requirements, industry regulations and school obligations
  • Best practice response plans, training and security drill recommendations
  • Tips and best practice advice to reduce and mitigate risk for your school

This on-demand webinar includes a keynote presentation from Dr Steven Woodhouse (Chief Information Officer at Fortinet and former Chief Information Security Officer at Queensland Department of Education) as well as a panel discussion with technology and education experts.