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Many primary and secondary schools are leading digital transformations to deliver online learning and integrate other digital programs into their curriculum. However, while schools aim to deliver better learning experiences for their students, they often overlook the importance of cyber security, leaving them highly vulnerable. Additionally, schools have an obligation to protect their extensive financial and personally identifiable information (PII).

Overworked IT teams within schools often find it difficult to meet the growing demands of security, and many schools don’t have a dedicated cyber security employee. These IT teams must meet a variety of compliance requirements, such as the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), manage siloed security devices, and ensure that their campus is equipped with physical monitoring systems to keep students safe.

Physical and cyber security for primary and secondary schools require a unified, cost-effective solution that expands to all campuses and adheres to compliance requirements. This helps schools deliver a network that streamlines education while ensuring students are safe.

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Industry drivers

Given the amount of personally identifiable information (PII) stored on school networks, the digital learning infrastructure requires a solution that delivers true end-to-end integration. Our Security Fabric is backed by an E-rate-eligible next-generation firewall (NGWF) and enables primary and secondary schools to fortify their digital infrastructure.

Our centralised cyber security management platform delivers complete visibility on a single pane of glass, while our analytics and automation platform maintains centralised policy management. Additionally, CT SIEM provides automatic response and remediation to help prevent breaches before they occur. Backed by an advanced security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) engine, our SIEM solution responds to threats by leveraging tools from a school’s existing environment.

The Security Fabric provides school districts with complete protection for both north-south and east-west traffic, with integrations that protect every network edge from endpoint to cloud. In addition, digital infrastructures are protected against both malicious insiders and students who aim to access inappropriate services or areas of the network.

Today, Australian schools are often dispersed across multiple locations or campuses for primary, middle, and high schools. Each campus school needs high-speed networking and security to efficiently deliver a digital learning program. In addition, IT and security departments often need to support the network needs across all campuses, as schools rarely have dedicated on-site IT personnel.

A CT Secure SD-Branch solution can provide individual schools with stable, reliable internet connectivity and comes with built-in security to protect mobile and Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices from threats. In addition, our Secure SD-WAN delivers a robust, integrated, and automated approach that helps IT teams achieve centralised visibility, configuration, and security management across campuses. All of this can be achieved with minimal hardware and simple, zero-touch deployment.

Intent-based segmentation also applies consistent policies across dynamic network environments, ensuring students can’t stream movies, games, or other content at inappropriate times. We can also package unified phone and voice communications as part of a complete security solution.

Building physical and cyber security within schools requires a state-of-the-art surveillance and communication system that seamlessly integrates with the school network.

We provide single-pane-of-glass management for both physical and cyber security functions, enabling schools to easily access all of their systems in one platform. CT-unified physical security and communications solutions include connected phones, speaker systems, and cameras and video surveillance recorders.

Our video surveillance solutions offer multiple streaming options that can deliver a live feed straight to a mobile device while providing an instant overview of a school’s security posture in one dashboard. In addition, emerging video technologies enable facial recognition and weapons detection, allowing schools to implement a proactive physical security posture.

Given the amount of critical personally identifiable information (PII) stored on school networks, along with the number of students that need secure internet access during class, schools must adhere to many compliance and regulation standards. The Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) and the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), for example, were enacted to ensure students can’t access inappropriate content and are protected from cyber threats.

Our next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) help schools achieve compliance through their powerful web filtering and network segmentation to provide unified policies across dynamic network environments. Our Security Fabric approach enables safety and compliance policies to be applied consistently across the network and for audit reporting to be automated.

With our centralised cyber management system, IT teams gain a single pane of glass for management and reporting tools to ensure schools consistently meet compliance standards. In addition, our threat analytics platform delivers analytics-powered security and log management for stronger breach detection, while our SIEM solution provides automated response and remediation to help prevent breaches before they occur.

Our key differentiators for K-12 Cyber Security

Open, Flexible Platform

Our cyber solutions helps schools build a fully integrated security platform that extends across the entire security infrastructure, from endpoints to cloud applications and services. School districts with third-party partner solutions can seamlessly integrate them into our Security Fabric with open application programming interfaces (APIs) and our Fabric Connectors.

Software-defined Branch (SD-Branch)

School districts can deliver secure networking to each and every campus within their district without slowing performance. Our SD-Branch improves performance and protects campus networks.

Single-Pane-of-Glass Management

Small IT teams are often responsible for managing networking, cyber security, and physical surveillance systems. We deliver a single management system to reduce complexity and control all of these functions in a unified console.

Proactive Threat Intelligence

We’ve partnered with world-leading security vendors to collect and analyse over 100 billion security events each day, enabling us to develop global threat intelligence and better protect schools. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that quickly learns and adapts, proactive threat intelligence is quickly distributed across the security infrastructure in real time.

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