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With an overarching cyber security program, you can drive long-term change, uplift your security posture, and improve cyber value. Our professional experts draw on a wide range of certified approaches to implement successful transformation initiatives.



Carry out a comprehensive cyber protection program to fend off complex threats and identify synergies between projects. Effective cyber security programs, consisting of multiple interconnected projects, can provide more strategic, long-term change compared to our short-term Implementation Services.

Our programs standardise and improve your cyber security standards, policies, governance, reporting, communications, and framework compliance. Leading an effective cyber program can also enable subsequent projects to be more successful and better protect the integrity and confidentiality of your private data.

Undertaking a cyber security program is also highly cost-effective for improving your security posture. With an overarching vision over unified projects, you can identify synergies between projects and enable the usage of shared resources, thereby reducing costs.

Improve your security posture with an ISO 270001-certified company. We’ve built secure technology solutions for organisations in the business, government, education and not-for-profit sectors. Focus on what you do best while we protect you.

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Key benefits

Long-Term Uplift

The best way to implement and influence long-term change in your organisation is through a cyber security program, with multiple projects layered on top of each other to deliver a more thorough level of protection.

Cost Efficiency

In addition to utilising shared resources between projects, it’s far more cost effective to undertake a cyber security program that embeds security into all your projects from the beginning, rather than as an afterthought.

Business Integration

A full cyber program considers and integrates cyber security into your business needs, objectives, issues, and processes. With an award-winning customer service team, we’re experts at understanding organisations from a diverse range of industries.

Unified Vision

A program offers greater visibility and control over your technology vision and objective, and the outcomes of multiple shorter-term projects will ensure cyber security is part of your IT roadmap.

2021 CyberMaturity Assessment

CT’s cyber multi-stage maturity assessment provides an evaluation of your organisation’s security protocols and practices to help you measure and improve your cybersecurity posture and preparedness.

Download our assessment now to determine your organisation’s level of cyber maturity.

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