Maturity Assessments

Evaluate your cyber security on recognised standards to identify and understand your organisation’s cyber risks, vulnerabilities, and blind spots. Where needed, we will help you create and implement a risk-based, multi-year cyber security internal audit plan.



We provide pragmatic Maturity Assessments and Modelling to evaluate your leadership and governance oversight of cyber security, helping you understand your current cyber security posture and assessing your cyber maturity as guided by the five-level Australian ISM model.

We assist you by not only delivering insights into the effectiveness of your principles, controls and risk posture, but also through recommendations and strategic guidance on how to defend your systems and data from threats in order to reach the next level of maturity.

We implement processes that detect, collect, correlate and analyse cyber security events and irregular activities; assess if systems and applications are configured to reduce their attack surface; identify and mitigate security vulnerabilities; and deliver and drive a risk-based, multi-year internal audit plan.

Improve your security posture with an ISO 270001-certified company. We’ve built secure technology solutions for organisations in the business, government, education and not-for-profit sectors. Focus on what you do best while we protect you.

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Key benefits

Security Evaluation

Understand how and where your organisation is most at risk, with a comprehensive assessment of all your networks, applications, systems, and processes. Understanding your security posture is a critical first step to implementing further cyber security operations.

Regular Reviews

We develop comprehensive review processes that deliver insightful reports, including information on your compliance with standards such as ISO 27001, ISM & Essential 8, PCI DSS, and NIST, to provide assurance to your investors, customers, and board.

Employee Uplift

Employees have always represented the greatest risk to your cyber security. We pair our Maturity Assessments with targeted security awareness training that provides personalised assistance to your team and overall security culture.

Threat Assessment Report

One of the key outcomes of our Maturity Assessment is your unique Threat Assessment Report, giving you insights into your security posture, network risks, risk likelihoods, current security threats, and a roadmap to improve your cyber security profile.

2022 CyberMaturity Assessment

CT’s cyber multi-stage maturity assessment provides an evaluation of your organisation’s security protocols and practices to help you measure and improve your cybersecurity posture and preparedness.

Download our assessment now to determine your organisation’s level of cyber maturity.

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