Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (VCISO)

Our vCISOs assists you in developing and maintaining a long-term sustainable strategy for information assurance and security.



Many larger enterprises now have a Chief Information Security Officer in place to address the risks and impacts of ever-evolving cybersecurity threats. Our vCISO service gives you these benefits without the costs associated with a full-time resource.

Our vCISO service provides a managed, scalable service that connects you into our security experts for guidance and advice, without the need for full-time investment.

Our experts provide security leadership and guidance, security policies and procedures, developing your incident response plans, as well as conducting your audits and compliance activities. 

Improve your security posture with an ISO 270001-certified company. We’ve built secure technology solutions for organisations in the business, government, education and not-for-profit sectors. Focus on what you do best while we protect you.

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The CT Difference

Cost-Effective Expertise

With significant experience in both strategic and tactical security initiatives, our experts offer up-to-date cybersecurity guidance for every facet of your business.

Continuous Improvement

The continually evolving cybersecurity threat landscape demands resources that continually upskill and stay connected to the cybersecurity community. Our specialist team ensure that there is always someone available to meet the security demands of your business.


Our experts can tailor a support package to meet your needs, with the flexibility to ramp up or down depending on the risks your business faces at any given point. You can be assured that you get specialised talent and expert advice when you need it.

Long-term Benefit

Our vCISO model gives you scalable, preventative cybersecurity frameworks and advice, without the expense of under-utilised, full-time resources. The investment is a vCISO service far outweigh the costs of remediation or reputational damage to your brand.

Our vCISO Service helps protect your organisation by providing:

Strategy & Governance

Our experts work with your stakeholders to define a strategy and framework that meets the unique risk profile of your organisation.

Risk Management

We tailor a risk management framework and then assist with identification, remediation and documentation of all dangers that display themselves.

Vendor/Procurement Advice

When procuring new systems and devices or evaluating a new vendor, our vCSIO will assess their risk to your cyber safety, including unmanaged IT, which our monitoring tools pick up.

Compliance Audits

Our vCISO will undertake audits to ensure your compliance with relevant frameworks and regulations such as GDPR, the Privacy Act and Essential 8.

Security Awareness

The most significant security risk to your business in your staff. We raise security awareness in your organisation and test staff preparedness to security threats.

Corrective Action

Where issues arise, your vCISO will make recommendations on actions needed to remediate risks and put tools and processes in place to ensure issues do not re-emerge.

2021 CyberMaturity Assessment

CT’s cyber multi-stage maturity assessment provides an evaluation of your organisation’s security protocols and practices to help you measure and improve your cybersecurity posture and preparedness.

Download our assessment now to determine your organisation’s level of cyber maturity.

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