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Social Responsibility

We recognise the strengths of our diverse team through what we celebrate, what we are working on and where we are going – Seeing the advantages brought by our individual experiences, perspectives, and world views.

The power of diversity and inclusion

Our team bring a world of social, religious, cultural, and other different perspectives that have allowed us to nurture a community built around shared identity, belonging, and the ability to meet people where they’re at.
At CT, we’ve learned that when we foster a culture of inclusivity and diversity, we create space for open communication and collaboration. That space is full of brilliant and innovative ideas for further success and growth that impacts our wider community.

Our approach to being an inclusive and diverse organisation

What we celebrate
Our social calendar is full of a range of social, cultural, religious, and other events that are designed to raise funds, increase awareness, and to let us keep learning and sharing our knowledge as we grow. From Shrove Tuesday to Rosh Hashanah, Wear it Purple Day to RUOK day, STEPtember to Movember, we’re always asking the team what’s important and doing what we can to hold space for each other.
What we are working on
We’re working on making sure our team reflects the wider world. We have a long-term focus on uplifting women in tech, supporting women in achieving their leadership goals via Microsoft’s Women Rising Program. We’re building our internal capacity with a mentorship program to support personal and professional growth – of both mentors and mentees. We’re redefining and clarifying the objectives of our DEI committee to make sure we continue to drive positive change.
Where we are going
As our team grows, so does our commitment to making sure each team member feels comfortable bringing their authentic self and their individual wealth of experience to the table. Welcoming diversity, promoting equity and understanding that inclusion is the key to finding opportunity hidden in different perspectives.

20% of our team are women

and we're growing this to 35% in the next 12 months!

One of our core values is ‘Creating the World that we want’ and we believe that we can only do this by creating an internal culture that builds for everyone, helps everyone, and supports diversity, equality and inclusion for everyone.
People are the lifeblood of our organisation and we are proud to foster a culture of belonging, diversity and inclusion.
Adam Centorrino
CEO, Centorrino Technologies

Supporting others

Did we mention that our teams love to get involved in events that show our strong community focus? We have a full (and ever evolving) calendar of events that raise our spirits as much as they raise funds, awareness, and accountability.

Working towards Reconciliation

We are passionate about recognising the more than 60,000 years of history and traditions of the people who are the Traditional Custodians of the lands in which we operate and have a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) which maps out our journey towards reconciliation.

Creating the world we want

We are passionate about ensuring our beautiful planet is here for generations to come.
100% Carbon Neutral since 2019
20% annual waste reduction targets

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