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Our Approach to Sustainability

Our strategy is anchored by three components - how we operate, what we create and how we collaborate - to help drive change across the many communities in which we operate.

How we're making change

From local to global and every step in between, our perspective is the same. We value our standing as solid community members and understand that this comes with a responsibility to take every opportunity to make a positive impact.
How we operate
We understand that seemingly small decisions have a flow on effect. We're big fans of small local businesses and social enterprises, so we make sure to build strong relationships with them as our go-to suppliers.
What we create
We create a sustainable future by prioritising suppliers who are in alignment with our values. We love to know that we’re part of a chain that is creating a better tomorrow.
How we collaborate
We know that we can have a wider impact than we realise sometimes. From healthy office snacks to congratulatory flowers, we’ve found a lot of suppliers through word of mouth so we’re always keen to share our favourites!

Our values lead the way

We understand

  • We empathise with our customers and understand their needs.
  • We identify opportunities and initiate change.
  • We respect and empathise with all our stakeholders.

We create the world we want

  • We support the communities we participate in.
  • We care about tomorrow's world.
  • We ensure our decisions are ethical and fair.

We perform together

  • We share our insights and build our collective knowledge.
  • We build strong and enthusiastic teams.
  • We are curious, open and have fun.
  • We celebrate the wins (even the little ones).

We go beyond expectations

  • We strive for excellence and we deliver better.
  • We challenge usual convention and shape the future.
  • We trust in our strengths and continually develop our talents.

We trust and deliver

  • We share our energy and positivity with others.
  • We are open to new ideas.
  • We trust and respect our colleagues.
  • We take the initiative and deliver on our commitments.

Responsible supply chain

Team Inc.
Our gardens are maintained by TEAM Inc.  who provide employment opportunities to  people with a disability.
Who Gives A Crap
Our offices utilise 100% recycled, forest friendly and carbon neutrally shipped hygienic paper and paper towelling.
Fruit 2 Work
Providing meaningful employment to people affected by the justice system by delivering high quality fruit across our offices.
Bully Zero
Our Founder and CEO co-founded the  Bully Zero Australia foundation in 2013 and we remain passionate supporters of a bully free Australia.
The Beautiful Bunch
The Beautiful Bunch is our go to when we need Beautiful Bunches of flowers! This amazing enterprise offers training and employment opportunities to women from refugee backgrounds.
Muru Office Supplies
We are proud to support Australia’s only truly national majority Indigenous owned office supply company.
Compass Assurance ISO 14001 Environment

We maintain a waste reduction program that sees us reduce our waste going to landfill by 20% year on year

It became evident to us that some organisations just don’t prioritise caring for the environment like we do and so we decided to do something about it. We developed our e-waste program that enables us to collect old electronic waste from organisations throughout Australia and e-cycle it stopping hundreds of tonnes of electronic waste ending up in landfill. Ohh and in keeping with our value of Creating the World that we Want, we support a Social Enterprise through the process.

Creating the world we want

We are passionate about ensuring our beautiful planet is here for generations to come.
100% Carbon Neutral since 2019
20% annual waste reduction targets