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Community and Sustainability

Creating the world that we want

Meet Dora and Margot, our L plate guide dogs

Each year, we sponsor guide dogs in training through Guide Dogs Victoria and Guide Dogs NSW/ACT and this year, our two sponsored are Dora and Margot.

100% On-Shore

All of our team members reside in either Australia or New Zealand and we maintain a local first supplier procurement policy to ensure we provide maximum support for our local economy.

Supporting our First Nations people

We are creating meaningful careers in the tech sector for First Nations People combined with helping them to recount their 65,000 years of history.

6% of our non-inventory supply chain is procured from Social Enterprises

Team Inc.
Our gardens are maintained by TEAM Inc.  who provide employment opportunities to  people with a disability.
Who Gives A Crap
Our offices utilise 100% recycled, forest friendly and carbon neutrally shipped hygienic paper and paper towelling.
Fruit 2 Work
Providing meaningful employment to people affected by the justice system by delivering high quality fruit across our offices.
Bully Zero
Our Founder and CEO co-founded the  Bully Zero Australia foundation in 2013 and we remain passionate supporters of a bully free Australia.
The Beautiful Bunch
The Beautiful Bunch is our go to when we need Beautiful Bunches of flowers! This amazing enterprise offers training and employment opportunities to women from refugee backgrounds.
Muru Office Supplies
We are proud to support Australia’s only truly national majority Indigenous owned office supply company.
And many many more!

We partnered with Eat Up for a corporate volunteering session

These folks do amazing work helping to feed kids impacted by food insecurity. The goal was 1000 sandwiches in an hour - we made 1226 in 45 mins because we ran them out of bread!

Supporting others

Did we mention that our teams love  to partake in activities designed to help the community? In fact, we participate in over 12 annually.

We help others

Our Red Cross Lifeblood team
Many CTers volunteer to donate blood to save lives through the Red Cross.
Supporting local school communities
We donate prizes, giveaways and make financial contributions towards school and for-purpose organisation fundraising activities.
Scholarship programs
We recognise academic excellence and  social hardship through our scholarship programs.
Trainee program
Supporting  people wanting to enter the technology sector to have a long and successful career starts with our traineeship program.

Creating the world we want

We are passionate about ensuring our beautiful planet is here for generations to come.
100% Carbon Neutral since 2019
20% annual waste reduction targets
Compass Assurance ISO 14001 Environment

We maintain a waste reduction program that sees us reduce our waste going to landfill by 20% year on year

It became evident to us that some organisations just don’t prioritise caring for the environment like we do and so we decided to do something about it. We developed our e-waste program that enables us to collect old electronic waste from organisations throughout Australia and e-cycle it stopping hundreds of tonnes of electronic waste ending up in landfill. Ohh and in keeping with our value of Creating the World that we Want, we support a Social Enterprise through the process.

We don’t just talk about Community and Sustainability

At CT, we are a team of people that come together to do our best to make sure that we leave our beautiful planet better tomorrow than we found it today. Help to be part of the solution.