A Private Cloud Solution ensures your core systems, hardware and software are dedicated exclusively to you, giving you the responsiveness and flexibility you need.

The CT Difference

We combine years of cloud management experience with the very best compute, network and storage infrastructure which, coupled with leading server virtualisation technology ensures you have a cloud environment you can rely upon and scale as your business evolves.

Private clouds provide additional benefits, such as:

  • Increased infrastructural capacity to handle your compute and storage demands
  • On-demand services using self-service user interfaces and policy-based management
  • Efficient resource allocation based on user needs
  • Increased visibility into resources across the Infrastructure

Our solutions provide:

Custom Architecture

Our Solution Architects work with you to tailor a solution specific to your needs and scaling requirements. We provide choice around platforms, software and configuration.


For heavily regulated industries with strict data privacy requirements, your own dedicated and physically isolated infrastructure gives you the security you need.


With our best-of-breed, enterprise-class infrastructure and technology, you can scale to power as many VMs as you need to meet your organisation's requirements.

Unlimited Support

We provide an unlimited amount of business hours support to end-users and the respective devices utilised by your organisation for business purposes. We focus on reducing the number of reactive incidents and improving the overall up-time of your IT environment leading to better operational efficiency being realised within your organisation.

We support your Cloud Infrastructure through:

Quality Infrastructure

We utilise high quality and branded infrastructure predominantly sourced form Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Dell to form the basis of our infrastructure as a Service platforms. This hardware is then configured in a clustered nature with a minimum of 2N redundancy at each layer to ensure that no single point of failure exists within our infrastructure platforms.

Performance Guaranteed

Our Infrastructure as a Service offering is bundled with performance guarantees providing you confidence that the overall solution will provide you with the performance you require for your compute, memory and storage workloads.

Portal Access

To access and manage the resources assigned within your private tenancy, we provide portal access which enables you to create Virtual Servers, allocate resources to Virtual Servers and alter other resources associated with your tenancy such as networking configuration and server templates.


Our Infrastructure as a Service platforms are coupled with a 99.95% uptime guarantee with associated service credits applicable in the unlikely event of an extended and unplanned outage.

ISO Accredited

Our Information Security Management System (ISMS), Environmental Management System (EMS), Quality Management System (QMS), and Occupational Health and Safety Systems are all ISO accredited, ensuring quality in everything we do.

We partner with leading infrastructure vendors and cloud providers including:

Our Capabilities

Get an award winning IT Partner working for you

We equip organisations with the flexibility and security that only an award-winning Managed Service Provider (MSP) can provide, taking care of the day-to-day running of IT environments.

Strategic advice to drive your digital ambitions

We work with you to plan IT strategy for your organisation with a focus on reducing your business risks whilst improving your operational efficiency.

We support your transition to the cloud

Drive your business further with a hosting, cloud environments and business continuity solutions.

Communication solutions to enable your flexible workforce

We provide unified communication solutions to give you a single source of information that is available anytime, from anywhere.

We provide the flexibility and control your organisation requires

We provide control on how your devices are procured, supported and managed, allowing you to focus on driving your organisation forward.

Fast reliable communications for the digital age

We provide enterprise-grade connectivity services that your organisation can rely on.

We help accelerate your digital advantage

We combine business process and operational expertise with technological know-how to help organisations improve performance, deliver key projects, lower risk transform their processes.

Uplift your team's technology literacy with our Academy Services

We provide eLearning expertise combined with Learning Management knowhow to help raise the technology literacy of your team.

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