An IT revamp helps Connecting Home support Stolen Generation survivors

Connecting Home 

Connecting Home is a Victorian not-for-profit organisation established in 2010 and led by CEO Lisa Zammit. The organisation provides a broad range of services to survivors of the Stolen Generations, including case management, NDIS support services, and counselling.  

They also deliver education programs to the wider community around the Stolen Generation’s history and current issues, such as tailored education programs for primary, secondary and tertiary students. The organisation currently has 20 team members. 


The Situation 

Connecting Home had experienced significant growth within their team from six team members to 20 staff. As such, they needed an IT infrastructure that supported a wider team. 

Prior to engaging with us, Connecting Home had an underdeveloped IT environment with multiple conflicting systems, relying on IT support from a sole trader. They also had some concerns around their cyber security and their ability to protect customer data and information. 

Connecting Home had some outdated software and hardware, which was limiting their ability to grow and restricted the organisation’s overall efficiency. They were seeking a Managed Services Provider (MSP) to modernise their whole IT environment and help them produce better client outcomes. 


Why CT? 

As a not-for-profit organisation, Connecting Home were looking for a highly cost-effective MSP with overarching IT expertise. They chose our organisation for a range of reasons, not least because of their previous experience and astute understanding of the not-for-profit sector. 

Connecting Home were particularly impressed because we performed an audit and delivered recommendations before even signing an agreement, which made Connecting Home feel like they were receiving a service as soon as they picked us. 

In addition, Connecting Home appreciated our flexible support options, with the ability for any of their staff members to make a call and receive near-instant IT assistance. They needed to find an MSP ‘who knew [the] type of industry and the community services, and would be able to develop and construct a suite that met [Connecting Home’s] needs.’ 

The fact [that CT] took the time out to come and see us, and do an evaluation from the get-go, was really great. We felt like we were getting a service from the get-go before we even picked them. — Lisa Zammit


The CT Solution 

We were chosen to deliver our most comprehensive solution suite with the Managed Services offering. We began with an entire audit of Connecting Home’s IT infrastructure, including all systems, software and devices, delivering follow-up advice on how to optimise technology for Connecting Home. 

We undertook a significant project to implement a telephony system, creating better communication channels for the staff members and enabling their remote and hybrid work conditions. 

We also set up a Microsoft 365 environment for the company and improve collaboration between team members. Connecting Home especially appreciated the integrated platform that combined a chat function, Outlook that synced emails with the calendar, and a OneDrive engine for seamless collaboration. 

Previously, most of the cross-team collaboration had occurred via email, but our solution provided a more modern platform for easier communication. 

‘We weren’t using IT for communication within the office very well at all, apart from emails,’ said Zammit. ‘We now have better platforms where we can have certain chats or updates using things like Teams or via avenues like Outlook and OneDrive. We have a better integrated system, so that’s definitely improved our communication.’ 

Significant initiatives were implemented to improve the security posture of the organisation. An enterprise-grade firewall allowed Connecting Home to have more confidence in their data security. We also set up multi-factor authentication (MFA) to block over 99.9% of cyber attacks directed at accounts. 

‘The security aspect has improved dramatically,’ Zammit said. ‘I have better confidence in the retention of our information and our clients’ information.’ 

Additionally, we updated Connecting Home’s device fleet with new laptops and handsets, replacing outdated hardware with devices that were more in line with their growing needs. The updated devices allow their staff members greater flexibility, whether they’re working from the office, from home, or in a hybrid arrangement. 

Through having CT, I actually realise now how much we were missing out on, in terms of having a Managed Service Provider. — Lisa Zammit 


The Results 

Connecting Home’s staff members are extremely appreciative of our excellent customer service and support. They enjoy being able to access direct human support for IT issues. 

‘The ability to just make a call and get support was extremely important,’ said Zammit. ‘The staff love that they’re able to ring someone if they’re having an IT issue.’ 

When in-person support was required, Connecting Home also appreciated our customer-centric culture. The field services engineer called in to help would be keen to assist with other IT issues when required instead of only addressing their issue on the day. 

‘The staff that come in here from CT are really lovely. Nothing is too onerous to ask of them,’ said Zammit. ‘I have found they’ve always gone over and above … That kind of customer service has been really important for us.’ 

Connecting Home staff members were especially happy with the smoother collaboration, especially with workers who were in a remote or hybrid environment. Using the integrated Microsoft 365 system, they no longer needed to make phone calls on personal devices. 

Connecting Home were surprised by how user-friendly the new technology solutions were. As a relatively small not-for-profit without internal IT expertise, they appreciated being able to pick up and use all the solutions that we implemented. 

Overall, Connecting Home are pleased to have a long-term proactive partner that can enable and drive future growth, rather than the break-fix model they were accustomed to. 

‘What we were having in place was more of a band-aid level of support, whereas now it’s actually managed support.’  


Setting up the future with CT 

By working with us, Connecting Home has set up the organisation to support its future growth as an organisation. With the right IT infrastructure in place, and the support of an MSP that can deliver scaling solutions, Connecting Home can confidently grow their team without worrying about technical issues. 

I don’t feel like, as a small organisation, that CT has lost us in their system. I don’t feel … attention is being given to other organisations that are paying more or are a bigger provider. It’s been great to have that level of customer service. — Lisa Zammit 

Customer Story: Caroline Chisholm Catholic College's IT overhaul

Caroline Chisholm Catholic College is a Year 7-12 Catholic secondary school with three campuses based in Melbourne’s inner west. The private school caters to 1,500 students and 200 staff. 

The school is passionate about student progress and operates under the values of Faith, Acceptance, Compassion and Excellence. Principal Robert Brennan leads the school under the belief that ‘every student has talents and we give them every chance to succeed.’ This can be seen through the school’s year on year improvements in the NAPLAN and ATAR results. 

When the College first engaged Centorrino Technologies (CT), they were led by Principal Marco DiCesare, who completed his eight-year term in 2020 and then accepted a post as Principal at Marcellin College. 

The Challenge 

While Caroline Chisholm Catholic College had a strong ICT team and quality technology backing their infrastructure, then-Principal Marco DiCesare noticed potential issues starting to develop in their IT environment. 

The College had so many components, functions and systems spread across their campuses that they were unsure where they had ‘under-invested, over-invested or even overlooked’ the numerous parts of their complex infrastructure. This made it difficult to maintain best-practice for their IT operations. 

‘We knew professional learning was going to become an important factor for us. We also acknowledged that we wanted best practice for our ICT team. What we quickly realised was that it was going to become too difficult for us as a college,’ Principal DiCesare said.  

And while the College maintained an effective IT environment, they were especially eager to prepare for the future so they could continue to be a technology leader in the education sector. 

‘Today’s ICT climate is changing rapidly, [so] we needed a team of professionals to come through the College and really do an audit of what we had, but more importantly, what we should be looking towards in the future.’ 

Why did the College choose CT? 

Deputy Principal Anne Marie Cairns had a longstanding and trusted relationship with CT through an engagement with the IT company at a former school. Given CT’s strong values and previous success, she had full confidence CT could deliver exactly what was needed at Caroline Chisholm Catholic College. 

CT was also chosen for its strong reputation in the education sector. As a trusted Australian managed service and technology organisation, CT was well-known for delivering services, security, solutions and support that are critical to maintaining a modern educational organisation.  

With this experience and the support of the Deputy Principal, CT quickly began auditing the College’s systems and processes to improve learning and teaching outcomes for the school. 

The Solution 

CT’s audit of the College’s IT environment found several areas of attention where the CT team could provide their expertise. CT delivered significant benefits and a higher quality IT experience for the students, including: 

  • Optimising staff IT efficiency to gain the most productivity with the least interruptions to their roles.   
  • Managing the student laptop program alongside staff hardware to improve response times, end-user experience and achieve potential cost savings. 
  • Reducing downtime for IT infrastructure and the school network. 
  • Improving the reliability and bandwidth of the school’s broadband account and connection. 
  • Increasing system responsiveness to enable finding, tracking and resolving issues before they escalate.  

Principal DiCesare was especially satisfied with the speed of customer service from CT’s multi-award-winning Service Desk.  

‘We’re a school of 1,500 students, approximately 200 staff, and what we found was our questions, our concerns, our problems were being addressed more quickly,’ said Principal DiCesare.  

The Results 

CT reviewed the school’s broadband connection with Telstra and doubled the connection speed while reducing costs, impressing the Caroline Chisholm team due to being a benefit they ‘hadn’t even acknowledged needing to be done. CT delivered us faster broadband for our students and staff with less money,’ Principal DiCesare said. 

While these outcomes and benefits were significant, the priority and focus of the College’s team is always on helping their students. Beyond the cost savings, the CT overhaul of the school’s Laptop Fleet for students and staff left the biggest impact.  

‘Previously there was a 24-hour turnaround for laptop replacements. Through CT, we negotiated an immediate swap between laptops. So if a student dropped one off, they’d pick up a hot swap laptop, and it meant our students’ learning wasn’t affected in any way. And that went for staff as well,’ Principal DiCesare explained.  

CT’s ability to understand and deliver on the College’s vision to improve learning outcomes was central to the success of their services. 

‘While the money was a bonus, it was actually the fact that the kids could keep learning no matter what happened that was the greatest benefit CT delivered our laptop program,’ Principal DiCesare said. 

Learn more about CT’s Managed IT Services Offering here.

Lighthouse School: St Lawrence Derrimut Catholic Primary School

The Apple Distinguished School designation is recognition for schools that meet exacting criteria for innovation, leadership, and educational excellence, in addition to demonstrating a clear vision for improving student outcomes via modern learning environments.


Apple Distinguished Schools demonstrate the use of Apple hardware, apps, and content to promote creativity, collaboration, innovation, and critical thinking to transform learning and teaching.

Achieving Apple Distinguished School status was a goal that St Lawrence was driven to achieve, and through partnership with CT, they achieved this in 2018. To be recognised demonstrates the school’s vision for learning with technology which was achieved in part through the Digital Transformation program which they initiated with CT.

What has St Lawrence PS Derrimut achieved?

St Lawrence Derrimut has fully implemented an iPad 1:1 programme for their grade 3-6 students which is well established and used across all subject areas. The school supports iPad and Mac, with grade 1-2 students using shared devices, and grade 3-6 students using school provided iPads for the duration of those years.

With specially trained Apple Certified Teachers, along with high quality facilities, high performance WiFi infrastructure, advanced caching services and the latest technology in classrooms, all configured and supported by CT. St Lawrence Derrimut are now able to provide a unique and dynamic learning experience for all their students.

With a 1:1 iPad program which was fulfilled by CT, St Lawrence Derrimut has:

  • Provided every student from grades 3 to 6 with access to an iPad to enable digital learning, wherever they are, even at home
  • Leveraged intuitive apps to foster greater focus on content quality and design
  • Empowers students to show greater levels of innovation and creativity
  • Increases student engagement and motivation – Learning is now perceived as more engaging and independent with iPad
  • Enjoys cost savings thanks to minimal technical support required, as well as complete technical stability
  • Noted improvements in academic performance
  • Worked with an Apple Distinguished Educator to plan and implement Challenge Based Learning using iTunes U courses

Why did St Lawrence choose iPad for their 1:1 device program?

There was already a large Apple user-base in the school. Staff and students were comfortable with the intuitive user experience. The need for day to day technical support was minimised, allowing for cost savings and freeing up teachers to be, teachers. Cost, apps, reliability and long battery life also made iPad the right choice. The mobility of the iPad (ability to use both in the classroom and outside the classroom), as well as the variety of uses were also big factors. The iPad also fits with the school’s philosophy of being learner centred as we are able to adjust the learning to support different students using the tools contained on the iPad or the iPad Apps.

How has this impacted learning?

  • Active learning and engagement
    iPad creates exciting opportunities for active learning tasks
  • Accelerated learning
    iPad provides seamless access to resources and accelerates the pace of learning
  • Collaboration
    A simple and reliable platform for effective collaboration on project work is provided
  • Greater choice and independence
    Students can choose how they record, develop and communicate their ideas
  • Individualised learning pathways
    Learning can be tailored to individual students in a way that’s practical
  • Effective assessment and feedback
    Frequent low-stakes assessment is seamless and engaging. Feedback is timely and data provides valuable insights into progress.

Adopting mobile technology in the classroom has allowed teachers to create a dynamic learning environment focused on active learning and deeper engagement.

iPad has given students instant access to a world of information which teachers utilise to deliver dynamic and engaging lessons. Students develop into autonomous researchers and independent thinkers.
Teachers are able to bring a topic to life in ways that was previously unimaginable. They guide and coach their students with well-designed tasks and can respond to the differing needs of individual students within the lesson.

iPad provides teachers with the platform they need to tailor learning to meet individual needs more effectively. The technology has inspired creativity and students have greater choice over how they record, develop and communicate their ideas.

How has CT and Apple helped the school on their journey?

CT is proud to be an Apple Solution Expert for Education, with many years of experience deploying and managing large fleets of Apple products in a range of educational institutions across Australia. CT has been specifically selected by Apple for our proven expertise and ongoing excellence in providing technology solutions to education institutions and our work with transforming infrastructure and making teaching and learning fun and exciting with Apple.

What are the requirements to become an Apple Distinguished School?

Apple Distinguished schools are amongst the most innovative in the world. They need to demonstrate continuous innovation and cultivate environments in which students are excited and curious about learning – empowered through iPad and Mac which inspire student creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking. Requirements include:

  • Established 1:1 programme
  • Innovative use of the Apple platform
  • Staff proficiency with iPad or Mac
  • Documented, demonstrable results

Find out more about the Apple Distinguished School Program.

CT has many happy and productive schools using the iPad 1:1 program. The key to ongoing success is a strong network infrastructure that allows fast and reliable connectivity to devices, we achieve this via strong caching services and also close monitoring of the school network from our Network Operations Centre at CT HQ. CT can perform a full analysis of your environment to ensure success is assured and any changes required are done right, the first time”

An invested, forward-thinking teaching staff is also key to success. Teachers are provided extensive training on how to get the most out of iPad via Apple Professional Educators and certification programs that enable the transfer of learning a fun and enjoyable experience. Once your team sees the strength of the 1:1 program in action, teachers begin asking how soon they will have the technology in their class.

Bailey Collins
Apple Technical Lead, Centorrino Technologies

Customer Story: VoIP at Loyola College

Since adopting its VoIP solution with the help of CT, Loyola College has seen improved communication and operational efficiencies across the school.

Loyola College is a Catholic Regional Co-educational Secondary College which opened in 1980, to serve the Catholic parishes of the northeast in the Archdiocese of Melbourne.

Loyola College is home to 1340 students, 140 teaching staff and 70 administration staff. Since first onboarding CT for Managed Services, Loyola College is fully supported with its technologies.

At the time, the school was also experiencing issues with high IT staff turnover, that impacted their ability to maintain uptime and provide support to staff and students. CT was able to provide Loyola College with a central point of contact for support. A dedicated CT embedded staff member was placed permanently onsite to provide immediate assistance to technical issues that need onsite assistance. CT also provided the schools with remote assistance from an award-winning Service Desk team who were easily accessible to staff and students through phone, email or chat on CT’s Support platform, Liberty Console. CT also worked to successfully configure and deploy a WAN solution to tackle network redundancies that caused significant outages across the school campus, that affected classroom activities.

With CT’s Managed Service offering, Loyola College was able to successfully obtain an external IT department with minimal in-house resources, allowing them to focus on what they do best, achieving learning and teaching outcomes.

The challenge

As part of their Managed Services, CT also configured and deployed remote monitoring and management platforms to core infrastructure and network components of the school’s IT environment. This is done to ensure maximum functionality to the school’s technologies and, allow the team at CT to stay ahead by proactively responding to any alerts that may impact on the school’s over performance.

The team at CT were able to identify performance issues in the school’s traditional phone system. With aging PABX hardware causing downtime and outages, restricting the school’s ability to effectively communicate, CT engaged Loyola to move towards a digital communication system, VoIP (Voice over internet protocol), a scalable and flexible solution.

A new VoIP system was seen to be a drastic change to the school’s operations, Loyola College wanted to explore options to their digital transformation, deciding to go to tender with three companies, with CT being one of them, to review various solutions, costs, and hardware. With wide-reaching capacity in voice and instant messaging, cheaper costs and an existing relationship built on trust and reliability, Loyola College decided to choose CT with its VoIP solution – Skype for Business.

“Because CT was already providing the WAN network, the infrastructure was already in place” – Victor Dalla-Vecchia

The solution

VoIP is a phone system hosted in the cloud and managed by an organisation’s Internet provider. VoIP removes the need for individual phone lines as each employee can have their own virtual connection and can be reached across any device, whether that be mobile or desktop.

“A digital phone solution has opened up opportunities for different forms of communication here at Loyola” – Victor Dalla-Vecchia

Since the school was currently operating on CT’s Wireless Access Network (WAN), configuration and deployment of its VoIP solution were made easier due to network familiarity.

In addition, with their existing Office365 systems, Skype for Business is an added extension to their education subscription. This allowed Skype for Business to seamlessly integrate into existing applications such as Outlook, to provide better operational efficiencies across their Office365 systems.

To begin, the team at CT removed old systems and PABX hardware used by the school. CT incorporated a change management process to ensure successful adoption and transition to Skype for Business with minimal disruptions to staff and students. With configuration successful, CT tailored end-user training to ensure technical efficiencies and reduce reactive support tickets, which was already a familiar process with their existing Managed Services. In addition, 50 Polycom and 140 Plantronics handsets were deployed to support voice capabilities using Skype for Business.

The outcome

Loyola College and CT have worked collaboratively to successfully design and adopt a new VoIP system. Along with voice, chat and video capabilities, the new Skype for Business solution allowed the school to move forward with its digital transformation, providing the following results,

  • Integrating Skype for Business with existing Office 365 applications created better communication efficiencies and allowed staff to seamless transitions between its systems.
  • Improved mobile capabilities with Skype for Business mobile app, made available to staff through handsets, softphones, or mobile devices.
  • Enhanced remote working capabilities and collaboration efficiencies with video conferencing, which allowed staff to meet anywhere and at any time.

“Finding a solution right for the needs of your school isn’t solely about cost” – Victor Della-Vecchia

Today, Loyola continues to work with CT to develop its digital strategies for the future.

Customer Story: Loyola College

Loyola College is confident with its technologies with support provided onsite and remotely by CT.


Loyola College is a Catholic co-educational college home to approximately 1,500 students and 210 staff. The school was founded in 1980 and built across 26 acres in Melbourne’s north-eastern suburbs of Watsonia. Loyola College strives to ensure that each student achieves their full and unique potential through a collaborative environment committed to Justice, Mercy and Faith. 


The Challenge 

Before partnering with Centorrino Technologies (CT), Loyola College had encountered some technological issues with the wireless network, dropouts and outages, network reliability, and occasional disruptions to email access.

In addition, the school wanted to improve the technology experience, including by scaling devices up and down with enrolments, driving digital growth and development, and increasing student and staff confidence in network security.

    Loyola College needed an IT solution that could support high traffic, fast internet speeds, reliable connections, and high availabilities. They also wanted a technology provider that would support their IT team and relieve the stress of inhouse management. 


    Why did Loyola choose CT? 

    Loyola College engaged CT for assistance given the company’s extensive history of providing effective ICT services to the education sector in Victoria. CT were chosen for how they saw Loyola College’s long-term vision to become a school that is ‘always online.’ CT’s Founder and CEO, Adam Centorrino, was also an alumnus of the school.  

    Loyola College asked CT to upgrade the school’s whole IT network, with the aim to ensure they could achieve their vision. The solution involved a comprehensive approach to upgrade every aspect of the school’s technology over multiple stages.  


    The Solution 

    Loyola College and CT elected to implement the full Managed IT Service with embedded staff. This all-encompassing outsourced model allows organisations to obtain an IT department with minimal in-house resources. 

    CT provided a range of improved services to modernise the school’s IT environment and create a reliable, effective learning environment that was enhanced rather than hampered by technology. CT also delivered remote assistance to the school through its award-winning Service Desk, with easy access for all staff and students through phone, email, chat, or the CT support platform Liberty Console. 

    To build the wireless network, the team at CT first identified infrastructure redundancies and updated and replaced 64 switches, 125 wireless access points and 40 servers that were scaled out using virtualisation. CT stored the school’s servers on an enterprise-grade SAN (Storage Area Network), with a combination of SSD and SAS technology disks. This allowed the network to stretch and remove black spot areas across the campus, supporting over 45 devices in each classroom, with speeds of 5GHz. 

    Another major upgrade for the school involved the installation of 110 CCTV cameras, 40 servers, 64 switches and 125 wireless access points. CT were responsible for the procurement of all hardware, plus the maintenance and upgrade of 2,360 school devices.  

    Overall, CT’s services to Loyola College included:  

    • Solving the school’s network redundancies and outages by configuring and deploying a Wide Area Network (WAN) solution. 
    • Enabling more efficient communication with a new digital phone solution that leveraged Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). 
    • Improving the school’s cyber security and uptime by maintaining proactive monitoring and backup and disaster recovery. 
    • Delivering in-depth and ongoing technical training for staff members. 
    • Assisting in the school’s IT curriculum to improve learning outcomes for students. 

    CT was able to remove the technical challenges related to high IT staff turnover by providing the school with unlimited business hour support. They also provided a dedicated embedded staff member based on-site, acting a primary point of contact for ongoing technical assistance and support to staff and students. 


    The Results 

    With an MPLS network connecting their private cloud into the campus with full DDOS protection, Loyola now has the ability to run any of their services from this cloud environment at any time, fulfilling their ambition to be ‘always online.’ 

    To improve the ICT environment at Loyola College, CT delivered five key outcomes: 

    Training and development 

    CT has provided the staff with in-depth technical training that includes systems, applications, processes and how to access CT for support. They have also provided ongoing training with a wide array of self-paced videos and tutorials, all of which were tailor-produced by CT teams and vendors. 


    In addition to its embedded support, CT has also provided the school with access to their award-winning Service Desk team. CT’s Service Desk team is flexible and readily available to all staff and students through phone, email or chat in CT’s support platform, Liberty Console. 

    Proactive monitoring 

    CT have configured and deployed remote monitoring and management platforms to core infrastructure and network components of the school’s IT environment. This is done to ensure maximum functionality to the school’s technologies and allow CT to proactively respond to any alerts that may impact the school’s IT performance. 

    Backup and disaster recovery 

    CT deployed backup and disaster recovery platforms to ensure the school’s data integrity, continuity and ability to withstand a disaster. They also advise on the continuous improvement and resilience of Loyola’s platforms and IT environment. 

    Strategic advice 

    CT has provided the school with a dedicated vCIO, who primarily focuses on formulating strategic IT goals and pathways with a focus on reducing risk, improving operational efficiencies and budget. 

    “CT were able to fulfil our long-term goal, allowing us to operate as a school that is ‘always online’.” 

    As a result of these changes, Loyola College teachers no longer experience the overwhelming amount of technological downtime they previously endured. Since first onboarding CT, Loyola College has full control and confidence that technology can enable them to achieve their teaching and learning outcomes. 

    Pennisi Real Estate

    Since 2012, Pennisi Real Estate is fully supported with their technologies, with unlimited access to CT's first resolution support team, award-winning Help Desk, and technical specialised vCIO's.

    For almost 50 years, Pennisi Real Estate is one of the oldest and leaders in Melbourne’s real estate industry. With a management department of more than 700 properties and a hand-picked team of enthusiastic, highly qualified individuals, Pennisi Real Estate’s success and achievements are well known throughout Australia and overseas.

    First established in 1973 by Sam Pennisi, its mission, to provide the best real estate services in Australia, based on the highest standard of ethics, values and client care.

    Pennisi Real Estate has five primary business offerings – Residential Sales, Commercial Sales and Marketing, Residential Property Management, Commercial Leasing and Management and Special Projects that are delivered to people across Australia.

    Today, loyalty and trust of home sellers, buyers, landlords and tenants are at the core of their business focus.

    Business challenge

    The team at Pennisi Real Estate worked across a growing number of unmanaged desktops and mobile devices, all with a variety of operating systems and applications. The business soon realised the growing demand for technical assistance and support, end-to-end network management and over maintenance of their IT environment. With no dedicated IT staff and the lack of available resources, proved to be difficult for the business to manage and monitor their technologies over time.

    Pennisi Real Estate needed a solution that was able to provide them with the ability to focus on achieving business goals without the worry and management of their technologies.

    Managed IT Services is a solution that is delivered by an IT service provider that combines unlimited IT support, monitoring and management for a fixed monthly cost. The benefit, businesses have access to technical resources, infrastructure, hardware and the latest systems and processes, without the responsibilities of managing their own internal IT staff thus reducing expenditure. The business contacted CT and discussed Managed Service solution tailored to the needs of their business.

    How we helped

    CT partnered with Pennisi Real Estate to devise a Managed Service solution to best meet there current and future technological needs. Following a comprehensive consultation, CT began a series of audits to gain deep insight into the business’s IT environment, whilst ensuring minimal disruptions to the business and their clients. Evaluating the results obtained, allowed CT to tailor and design new network infrastructure, systems and processes to improve operational efficiencies across the business. Configuration and standardisation of their new IT environment proved to be successful as clear transparencies and control of there environment allowed the business to identify redundancies and input contingencies to lower expenditure.

    Easy access to CT’s award-winning Help Desk provided the business with unlimited business hour support. With an average customer satisfaction score of 98.75% and service delivery excellence has provided the business with peace of mind. Pennisi was further supported with end-user training, to ensure technical efficiencies that helped minimise reactive incidents whilst increasing uptime, productivity and operational efficiencies.

    “We’re fully supported with our IT. We enjoy the proactive advice CT provides.” – Liz Gumley

    CT’s Managed IT Service offering is a comprehensive and all-encompassing outsourced model with the ability to obtain an IT department with minimal in-house resources. To facilitate ICT within the business, CT has incorporated five core elements that include,

    • Training and Development

    CT has provided the staff at Pennisi Real Estate with in-depth technical training that includes, systems, applications and processes. As part of there Managed Services, CT will continuously provide ongoing training to ensure technical efficiencies across the business, with a wide array of self-paced training videos and tutorials which have been tailor-produced by CT teams and vendors to focus on the efficient impartment of knowledge.

    • Support

    CT Help Desk is a central and primary point of contact for support, providing unlimited business hour support to Pennisi Real Estate. CT’s Help Desk has been designed to provide several methods for end-users to receive support thus empowering the user to select their preferred method by which to contact the team for support, these functions include Triage, Telephone Support, Liberty Console, Web Portal, Chat, Email Support, Mass Communication, Hours of Support, Supported Application, Internal Escalations, 3rd Party Vendor Escalations and 3rd Party Requests.

    • Proactive Monitoring

    CT’s NOC and SOC teams continue to ensure that monitoring and remote management platforms are configured to monitor on a 24/7 basis, the core infrastructure and network components of Pennisi Real Estate’s IT environment. The teams at CT will proactively respond to alerts that may impact the overall functionality of the network, systems and platforms utilised by Pennisi Real Estate.

    • Backup & Disaster Recovery

    CT will continue to ensure Pennisi’s data integrity, business continuity and the business’s ability to withstand a disaster through the management of backup and disaster recovery platforms, and the advice on the continuous improvement and resilience their platforms and environment.

    • Strategic Advice

    CT’s team of vCIO’s will continue to work with Pennisi Real Estate to plan IT strategies with a focus on reducing risks and improving the operational efficiencies across the business. CT vCIO’s are highly skilled, with prior experience in the technical realms of IT service delivery ensuring they are knowledgable and understand the context in which to provide the business with advice.


    With a long-standing relationship of 12 years, CT’s Managed Service Solution has provided Pennisi Real Estate with full control over their technology, without the burden of managing their own IT environment. The results include,

    • A significant boost in uptime and overall end-user experience, with access to flexible support options provided by an award-winning Help Desk team.
    • Increase in operational efficiencies with improved and updated technologies to their network infrastructure, systems, applications and processes.
    • Improved mobile working capabilities, with fast, and seamless VPN access as a result of a robust and reliable network.
    • Eliminated downtime with secure and quick recoveries of critical business data with CT’s backup and disaster recovery solution.
    • Established technological pathways to boost business capital with strategic planning and advice provided by a dedicated vCIO.

    “With the helpdesk, you can ring the team right away. Issues are solved as smoothly as possible, and they always send a report.” – Liz Gumley

    CT’s vCIO’s were able to work with Pennisi Real Estate to realise new technology pathways, to better their customer base by removing the friction between their staff and their technology. Liz Gumley enjoys the professional working relationship she has experienced, and the importance placed on transparent communication during periods of change.

    Today, trust and loyalty are the foundations of the relationship between Pennisi Real Estate and CT. CT is currently working with Pennisi Real Estate to expand its technology efficiencies across the business, with solutions such as Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) and Cloud.

    Biggin & Scott

    Since first onboarding CT, Biggin & Scott are able to maximise cost-saving solutions and reap the benefits of a highly qualified IT team, who manage and support all their technological needs.

    Established in Prahran during the 1890 property boom, TGL Scott wanted to establish and build a reliable, trustworthy, honest and professional real estate business.

    Biggin & Scott are highly experienced in all aspects of real estate and have eight primary offerings that are made available and delivered to people across Australia, this includes residential, commercial, sales, auction, leasing, property management, body corporates and home loans.

    Today, Biggin & Scott focuses on using innovation to further enhance and support their customers in real estate.

    Business Challenge

    Biggin & Scott’s contract with its existing Managed Service Provider (MSP) was due to expire. For more than 25 years, its MSP was responsible for managing and monitoring its IT and provide support to the business. The demand for technological efficiencies such as mobility and remote working capabilities and support was growing, even with their long-standing relationship, its previous MSP was unable to support this over time.

    With continual short-term fixes and no solution in sight, Biggin & Scott continued to experience significant delays and an increase in downtime due to several network outages, at least two per day. A growing number of poorly managed desktops and mobile devices, with a variety of operating systems and application, saw an increase in demand for support and frustrations amongst staff and their customers.

    Biggin & Scott needed a Managed Service solution that was provided by an MSP who was forward-thinking and able to provide scalable options to meet their current and future technological needs. CT was able to extend and offer a Managed IT Solution that was able to minimise their issues whilst providing flexible support options. Biggin & Scott decided to review their technology pathways with CT due to their award-winning support team and cost-effective solution.

    “CT get how we work here at Biggin & Scott Richmond, and they tailor the solution to meet our needs.” – Michelle Carter

    How we helped

    For Biggin & Scott to successfully onboard CT, CT Project Coordinators completed a series of project tasks that spanned across 140 days. This began with project kick-off meetings that discussed and confirmed timelines and outcomes. A hand over from their previous MSP was also completed and CT was able to successfully gain administrator access that included credentials, domain, hardware and IT related portals. This allowed CT to commence audits to discover and gain further insight into Biggin & Scott’s  IT environment.

    A State of IT Environment Report (SOE) was provided to Biggin & Scott, once signed off and confirmed this allowed CT to begin the seamless transitions of users to CT support. Over multiple sessions, CT staff trained Biggin & Scott users in how to reach CT for support, this included calling, email and using Liberty Console. After successful completion, users can now utilise multiple avenues to contact CT for IT support. With support underway, the team at CT were able to configure and standardise Biggin & Scott’s IT environment to meet best practice and industry standards.

    CT was able to successfully configure and automate Biggin & Scott’s entire fleet of hardware and network infrastructure, whilst ensuring SOE was consistent and retained throughout their IT environment. This significantly improved visibility and management of hardware and reduced vulnerabilities to unexpected outages across their network. Detailed documentation was kept up to date and provided to Biggin & Scott monthly to ensure clear transparencies across their IT environment.

    CT’s Managed IT Service offering is a comprehensive and all-encompassing outsourced model. CT create value and maximise efficiencies with a new strategic approach that includes five core elements such as Training and Development, Support, Proactive Monitoring, Backup and Disaster Recovery and Strategic Advice.

    CT’s Managed Service benefits include:

    • Access to an award-winning support team who is able to provide 24/7 monitoring and unlimited business hour support to Biggin & Scott users.
    • Tailored training and development courses provided to end-users to ensure technical efficiencies and reduce reactive tickets.
    • Flexible and scalable backup and disaster recovery solutions to ensure the businesses critical data is recovered quickly and securely without risk.
    • Dedicated VcIO, with extensive technical experience, provided to Biggin & Scott to explore IT strategies to reduce risks and improve operations efficiencies across the business.

    CT has worked collaboratively with Biggin & Scott to successfully adopted a Managed Service solution that ensures reliability, support, management and cost-savings across their IT environment.

    “Having CT available to all our staff is an added benefit, which we don’t take for granted.” – Michelle Carter

    The team at CT were able to eliminate frequent network outages and improve remote working capabilities by building a robust network infrastructure. With a scalable network and technological flexibilities, staff are now able to easily and quickly access the VPN network, which saw a significant increase in staff uptime and productivity.

    With access to an award-winning Service Desk team and continuous end-user training support, Biggin & Scott has seen a significant reduction to wait times and reactive tickets according to SLA. Weekly visits from CT’s Desktop Support Officers (DSO’s) have maximised efficiencies across the business resulting in more positive end-user experiences.

    “We are loving CT and adore the customer experience” – Michelle Carter

    CT’s VcIO’s has also been able to consistently support Biggin & Scott’s technology environment whilst providing strategic advice, to explore technological opportunities to further enhance business efficiencies and pathways.

    Today, Biggin & Scott are working to further maximise their IT environment by working with CT to on-board Hardware-as-a-service (HaaS) model. In addition to hardware management, this model will provide further flexibilities by allowing the business to consistently obtain the most update to date technology.

    Optimo Designs

    As one of Australia’s leading creative design agencies, Optimo relies on CT to improve security, infrastructure and backup and disaster recoveries for all their web hosting needs.

    Established in 1998, Optimo Design is a creative design agency, fully owned and operated in Australia. With multiple sites located in Sydney and Auckland, their headquarters are located in Melbourne. Optimo Design offers strategy, design, and digital services with a multi-faceted approach, proven processes, and diverse skills to deliver strong results to clients.

    Today, Optimo Design is working to create smart ideas that drive action and results to their clients across Australia and internationally.

    Business challenge

    In addition to its public-facing website, Optimo Design provides access to files and digital resources through an online client portal. This portal requires secure access, fast upload and download of large files and user-based permissions. Optimo Design has a small team of IT staff who were responsible for the management and performance of their Web Hosting environment. However, with the business rapidly growing, the team were unable to support and balance the management, performance and securities of their technology environment. Some of the challenges they faced included server redundancies, vulnerabilities to risks and threats due to poor security and backup and disaster recovery solutions, minimal bandwidth availability and the lack of resources saw an increase in downtime and frustration between staff and customers.

    With significant growth, scale and complexity of the work Optimo Design were undertaking, they needed a robust Web Hosting solution that was able to provide constant support and monitoring of their servers, ensure the protection and security of valuable digital assets and customer data, and support immediate and long term business needs. Through an existing client, Optimo Design was introduced to CT and asked for a full audit and evaluation into their Web Hosting environment.

    Web Hosting is a service that helps store website data and files onto a web server. A Web Hosting provider has the ability to provide the technologies and services needed to maximise the performance and delivery of files and data for a website to be viewed on the internet. There are many types of web-hosting services, which includes shared, dedicated, VPS and reseller. These types are differentiated by the kind of technology used for the service and the level of management and support provided.

    How we helped

    CT’s Web Hosting services are one of Australia’s most interconnected network with comprehensive capabilities that ensures uptime and security are controlled. With private and secure servers, CT centralises technology requirements with a range of service offerings and products, that include enterprise-grade internet and cloud services, integrating to any website needs.

    Working collaboratively with Optimo Design, CT was able to evaluate and determine existing IT infrastructure, systems and applications to provide an alternative solution, whilst ensuring independent and scalable technology. They strategically planned and set up new IT infrastructure, systems and processes, such as firewalls, servers and disaster recovery solutions to ensure maximum performance and control.  CT was also able to seamlessly migrate existing data and users to new systems with minimal disruptions to the business.

    With access to first point resolution, CT was also able to provide 24/7 monitoring, and 365-day support to Optimo’s infrastructure and web hosting servers, allowing the business to offload IT operations and server management without any further disruptions to their customers.

    With a fully managed Web Hosting service, CT extends to provide operating systems and application updates, and complete server administration.

    Optimo opted for CT’s dedicated Web Hosting services due to its flexibilities and control. More scalable options allowed the business to fully customise software and hardware infrastructure to their Web Hosting environment, with the guarantee of performance and security.

    CT’s dedicated hosting benefits include:

    • Optimo Design has full access to the processing power and storage of a server, without the constraints of sharing server space with other clients.
    • Safeguard critical data and customer information with their servers facilitated in a military-grade data centre, to ensure maximum protection from threats and vulnerabilities to risk.
    • With flexible and scalable server options, Optimo Design can easily manage system configurations and upgrade server space without the need to migrate to a new server.
    • Significant reduction to recovery times and downtime with CT’s enterprise-grade backup and disaster recovery solution, that is supported within a private cloud environment.
    • Increased efficiencies across the business, from streamlining IT Operations with a single Web-Hosting provider.


    CT’s dedicated server solution offers Optimo Design a completely secure and fully managed technology environment with high availabilities to servers, databases, firewalls and data backup and recoveries. The results include,

    • Enabled Optimio Design with the flexibilities to securely scale up and down to handle planned and unplanned traffic spikes
    • Drastically reduced day-to-day infrastructure and security operations to allow the business to focus on achieving business goals
    • Minimised vulnerabilities to risks and improved credibility with customers, with reliable and scalable security solutions
    • Reduced costs and overhead while increasing the performance of its technology platform with constant monitoring and management provided by an expert team of System Engineers
    • Improved ability to safeguard client data and end-user data with environment hosted in a military-grade data centre to meet all their compliance requirements
    • Full access to an award-winning service desk team to ensure clear transparencies and communications of their IT environment.

    “We had one of our internal servers compromised, and CT were able to quickly assist us with fixing this.” – Terence Ho

    The relationship between Optimo Designs and CT is built on trust and reliability. With their web-hosting needs taken care of, Optimo Designs continue to provide their clients with the best and innovative digital designs for all their website needs.

    Since on-boarding Web-hosting services from CT, Optimo designs are currently working with CT in their next initiative.

    Customer Story: Billi Australia

    CT helps Billi Australia adopt MPLS and VoIP systems, introducing improved internet and communication efficiencies across their entire business.

    Fully owned and operated in Australia, Billi was first established in 1989. The business has built its foundations on providing energy-efficient filtered water systems that offer the very best in innovation, performance, and reliability, instantly, at your fingertips. In 1993, Billi was the first to pioneer and launch the world’s first under bench boiling and chilled filtered water system.

    Billi has a full complimentary range of water filtration products for domestic to commercial systems that include boiling, chilled, sparkling, still and filtered water. Preferred by designers and architects for their elegance, energy efficiencies and space-saving designs, Billi is one of Australia’s best in manufacturing and delivering filtered water systems.

    Today, Billi is eco-focused with a commitment to provide quality, service, and innovation to the world.

    Business Challenge

    Billi has worked hard to build its reputation as the world’s leaders in filtration products and staying ahead depends increasing on robust technology. Billi was previously working with an outsourced Internet Service Provider (ISP) who were responsible for providing the business with fast and reliable internet access. With the repaid technology change, heavy end-user support demand, and high network infrastructure redundancies, Billi’s ISP was unable to support and grow with the technology the business needed.

    With constant internet outages, poor customer support and legacy VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) systems, saw an increase in downtime, effecting workflow, communication, and collaboration efficiencies. With over 180 staff members and multiple sites located in VIC, NSW, QLD, and SA, it was critical for Billi to ensure reliable and robust internet systems were made accessible to staff across the business.

    Billi needed a solution that was able to unify their technology, and with their existing Managed Services with CT, the team at CT extended to provide support and detailed reports outlining the solutions to their internet issues. As Billi’s prefered technology partner and familiarity with their technology environment, CT was able to help the business balance and grow with their technologies.

    How we helped

    Working alongside Billi, CT was able to easily identify the pain points and recommend a robust and scalable solution that included, Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) and 3CX VoIP system to ensure maximum internet performance, bandwidth availabilities and communication efficiencies across the business.

    An MPLS network is a type of data-carrying technique for high-performance telecommunications networks. This technology enables the connectivity of multiple sites into a single private network effectively like running an extension cord from one site to another reducing the ability for other factors on the Internet to impact the service.

    In addition to MPLS, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a phone system hosted in the cloud and managed by an organisation’s Internet provider. VOIP removes the need for individual phone lines as each employee can have their own virtual connection and can be reached across any device, whether that be mobile or desktop.

    To begin, CT completed a series of project kick-off meetings to discuss projects outcomes and timelines to ensure successful delivery of MPLS and 3CX VoIP system solutions. A hand over was completed by Billi’s previous ISP and allowed the team at CT to commence a deep dive discovery into Billi’s network. All findings were documented into a State of Environment (SOE) report and presented to Billi, listing all the necessary improvements, updates and configurations to their network. Once the SOE report had been confirmed and signed off by Billi, network configurations began ensuring standardisation across their IT environment and 3CX training was provided to all Billi staff members.

    “We choose an MPSL because we wanted to unify our sites, as this didn’t exist prior to CT.” – Adam Marriott

    Now with new and updated network infrastructure, Billi saw an improvement to network stability, connectivity and uptime which allowed staff members to access the internet seamlessly without any disruptions. With a new MPSL solution in place, CT’s dedicated Network Operations Centre (NOC) is able to ensure connectivity is being constantly monitored, and that the routing of the network is functioning as intended.

    3CX is a flexible and integrable communication tool that helps users increase productivity and mobility. With a new VoIP system successfully adopted by users, Billi saw an improvement in communication and workflow efficiencies across their multiple locations.

    CT’s Managed MPLS offering incorporates a fully managed routing device which will be located on-premise and provides the team at CT with a demarcation point as to where CT’s responsibility ends and to where Billi’s responsibilities begin.

    CT Maintained
    • Internet Or MPLS
    • Cable provider NTU
    • QoS Routing Monitoring
    Billi Maintained
    • Private / 30
    • Public / 32
    • NAT Security Public IP

    Billi has worked collaboratively with CT and successfully adopting the MPLS solution and 3CX VoIP system in addition to there existing Managed Services. CT was able to identify and solve complex connectivity, performance and network issues by building a robust and scalable network solution that improved workflow, communication and end-user experience. The results also included,

    • Installed and configured new network infrastructure and hardware to ensure maximum scalability.
    • Maximised bandwidth availabilities to allow users to access fast and reliable internet services, without disruptions to workflow and their customers.
    • Enhanced communication and significantly improved mobile working capabilities, with a flexible 3CX VoIP solution tailored to their needs.
    • Significantly reduced network congestion and latency between multiple locations.

    “We call one number and we get support.” – Adam Marriott

    CT has provided Billi with ongoing, award-winning support, with access to the Help Desk and Network Engineering teams who provide  24×7 monitoring and 365day support anytime and anywhere. This is also supported with weekly onsite visits from CT’s Desktop Support Officers (DSO’s) to maximise operational efficiencies across the business.

    The relationship between Billi and CT is built on the foundations of reliability, trust, and performance. CT has continuously been able to provide on-going support and strategic advice to ensure all avenues of Billi’s technology environment are explored to further enhance technological efficiencies and pathways across their business.

    Today, Billi is working to further maximise their Managed Services with CT by exploring new technological opportunities, allowing them to focus on the continual growth of their business.

    Customer Story: BlueRock

    Blue Rock adopts MSP, HaaS, VoIP, DCaaS and ISP with the support from CT

    Founded in 2008, BlueRock is an entrepreneurial advisory firm, its core mission, to add value into their client’s world wherever they can.

    BlueRock has eleven primary business offerings with specialised divisions that work together to meet their client’s needs, these include, Accounting, Digital, Law, Private Wealth, Placemaking, Data Intelligence, Finance, Insurance, Insurance and Tax and SMSF.

    Today, BlueRock continues to focus on helping entrepreneurs and business owners grow their ideas using innovation.

    Business Challenge

    BlueRock was previously working with a local Managed Service Provider (MSP) who was responsible for managing and supporting its people, hardware, networks, internet services, securities and its overall IT environment. However, with the IT resources limited to technical skills and availabilities, its previous MSP was unable to support and manage the company’s technologies. BlueRock was experiencing frequent network outages due to outdated hardware and infrastructure, internet congestions caused connectivity issues and poor technical support increased wait times that frustrated staff and customers. With poor support combined with short term fixes to their hardware and network issues, concerns around reliability and performance of its previous MSP increased.

    With over 170 employees, BlueRock needed a Managed Service solution tailored to their business’s whilst enabling operational efficiencies,  business workflow and customer satisfaction. BlueRock engaged CT to conduct an audit into their technology environment,  ultimately choosing to partner with CT due to its award-winning support team.

    How we helped

    Following several meetings with BlueRock, CT re-designed their IT environment with the foundations of a Managed Service Solution combined with the following service,

    • Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS)

      A service helps maintain all business hardware upgrades, maintenance and management to ensure scalability and performance across BlueRock.

    • Voice-as-a-Service (VoIP)

      A robust and cost-effective telephone system that enables collaboration and remote efficiencies to the staff at BlueRock.

    • DataCentre-as-a-Service (DCaaS)

      A reliable and secure enterprise service tailored to meet BlueRock’s mission-critical data criteria.

    • Internet Service Provider (ISP)

      Empowering BlueRock users with reliable and fast connectivity whilst reducing downtime.

    To begin onboarding CT, a series of project kick-off meetings were taken place at BlueRock. CT Project Coordinators were able to discuss and confirm project timelines and tasks, whilst building a better understanding of the business’s operations and its various departments. After successfully handover from BlueRock’s previous MSP, CT was able to obtain all administration access and credentials, allowing them to perform a deep dive discovery into BlueRock’s IT environment. All the insights and data gained from this discovery were developed into a State of Environment (SOE) report for BlueRock to review and confirm. The SOE report is a comprehensive document that outlines all the necessary updates and configurations that are needed to achieve maximum performance and efficiencies across BlueRock’s technological environment.

    Once confirmed, the team at CT were able to run multiple technical training sessions with BlueRock users, this included how to reach CT for support through phone, email, and using CT liberty Console. After successful completion, BlueRock users can now utilise multiple avenues to contact CT for IT support.

    CT was able to successfully configure and automate BlueRock’s IT environment, whilst meeting all SOE and industry standards. This has significantly reduced downtime and other technical vulnerabilities the business experienced due to network outages and poor performance.

    The team at CT focuses on providing continuous operational improvements across BlueRock’s IT environment. A program called Mission Zero help drive the development of processes and support structures that result in zero reactive tickets needing to be lodged by BlueRock users. This enables CT to proactively deliver high levels of employee productivity, create value and maximise efficiencies. This new strategic approach demonstrates high levels of processes of continuous improvement, that include,

    • Identify

      CT will identify and advise opportunities in BlueRock’s process workflows.

    • Plan

      CT will create plans to improve the processes used by BlueRock to ensure maximum technological efficiencies across their business.

    • Execute

      The team at CT will implement improved changes to BlueRock’s IT environment.

    • Review

      Once completed, CT will review the changes that were implemented and analyse how effective the improvements have been to BlueRock’s IT environment.


    With the help of CT, BlueRock has been able to successfully adopt a Managed Service Solution, combined with HaaS, VoIP, DCaaS and ISP, that ensures reliability, performance, scalability, and management across their entire IT environment.

    “We experience instant results, with staff able to log in to the system in less than 10 seconds. Reliability had significantly decreased, while team productivity began to skyrocket.” – Dean Godfrey, COO

    CT has been able to eliminate outages and poor collaboration efficiencies caused by network legacy and remote accessibility issues, by building a strong and robust network system, allowing for fast and easy VPN access. Introducing a new VoIP system has also eliminated communication barriers between staff, boosting communication and new ways of working efficiencies across the business.

    With CT’s award-winning Service Desk, BlueRock has seen a significant reduction in downtime and an increase in technological efficiencies across the business. With an estimated 1.7hours saved per team member each day, CT has empowered BlueRock users with confidence in their technology.

    Secure and up-to-date technologies ensure maximum scalability and performance across the business, allowing for BlueRock to focus on growing and achieving their goals whilst attending to all their customer’s needs.

    Currently, BlueRock is working with CT to continuously explore innovation opportunities, that allows the business to focus their continual growth and development.