Since 2012, Pennisi Real Estate is fully supported with their technologies, with unlimited access to CT's first resolution support team, award-winning Help Desk, and technical specialised vCIO's.

For almost 50 years, Pennisi Real Estate is one of the oldest and leaders in Melbourne’s real estate industry. With a management department of more than 700 properties and a hand-picked team of enthusiastic, highly qualified individuals, Pennisi Real Estate’s success and achievements are well known throughout Australia and overseas.

First established in 1973 by Sam Pennisi, its mission, to provide the best real estate services in Australia, based on the highest standard of ethics, values and client care.

Pennisi Real Estate has five primary business offerings – Residential Sales, Commercial Sales and Marketing, Residential Property Management, Commercial Leasing and Management and Special Projects that are delivered to people across Australia.

Today, loyalty and trust of home sellers, buyers, landlords and tenants are at the core of their business focus.

Business challenge

The team at Pennisi Real Estate worked across a growing number of unmanaged desktops and mobile devices, all with a variety of operating systems and applications. The business soon realised the growing demand for technical assistance and support, end-to-end network management and over maintenance of their IT environment. With no dedicated IT staff and the lack of available resources, proved to be difficult for the business to manage and monitor their technologies over time.

Pennisi Real Estate needed a solution that was able to provide them with the ability to focus on achieving business goals without the worry and management of their technologies.

Managed IT Services is a solution that is delivered by an IT service provider that combines unlimited IT support, monitoring and management for a fixed monthly cost. The benefit, businesses have access to technical resources, infrastructure, hardware and the latest systems and processes, without the responsibilities of managing their own internal IT staff thus reducing expenditure. The business contacted CT and discussed Managed Service solution tailored to the needs of their business.

How we helped

CT partnered with Pennisi Real Estate to devise a Managed Service solution to best meet there current and future technological needs. Following a comprehensive consultation, CT began a series of audits to gain deep insight into the business’s IT environment, whilst ensuring minimal disruptions to the business and their clients. Evaluating the results obtained, allowed CT to tailor and design new network infrastructure, systems and processes to improve operational efficiencies across the business. Configuration and standardisation of their new IT environment proved to be successful as clear transparencies and control of there environment allowed the business to identify redundancies and input contingencies to lower expenditure.

Easy access to CT’s award-winning Help Desk provided the business with unlimited business hour support. With an average customer satisfaction score of 98.75% and service delivery excellence has provided the business with peace of mind. Pennisi was further supported with end-user training, to ensure technical efficiencies that helped minimise reactive incidents whilst increasing uptime, productivity and operational efficiencies.

“We’re fully supported with our IT. We enjoy the proactive advice CT provides.” – Liz Gumley

CT’s Managed IT Service offering is a comprehensive and all-encompassing outsourced model with the ability to obtain an IT department with minimal in-house resources. To facilitate ICT within the business, CT has incorporated five core elements that include,

  • Training and Development

CT has provided the staff at Pennisi Real Estate with in-depth technical training that includes, systems, applications and processes. As part of there Managed Services, CT will continuously provide ongoing training to ensure technical efficiencies across the business, with a wide array of self-paced training videos and tutorials which have been tailor-produced by CT teams and vendors to focus on the efficient impartment of knowledge.

  • Support

CT Help Desk is a central and primary point of contact for support, providing unlimited business hour support to Pennisi Real Estate. CT’s Help Desk has been designed to provide several methods for end-users to receive support thus empowering the user to select their preferred method by which to contact the team for support, these functions include Triage, Telephone Support, Liberty Console, Web Portal, Chat, Email Support, Mass Communication, Hours of Support, Supported Application, Internal Escalations, 3rd Party Vendor Escalations and 3rd Party Requests.

  • Proactive Monitoring

CT’s NOC and SOC teams continue to ensure that monitoring and remote management platforms are configured to monitor on a 24/7 basis, the core infrastructure and network components of Pennisi Real Estate’s IT environment. The teams at CT will proactively respond to alerts that may impact the overall functionality of the network, systems and platforms utilised by Pennisi Real Estate.

  • Backup & Disaster Recovery

CT will continue to ensure Pennisi’s data integrity, business continuity and the business’s ability to withstand a disaster through the management of backup and disaster recovery platforms, and the advice on the continuous improvement and resilience their platforms and environment.

  • Strategic Advice

CT’s team of vCIO’s will continue to work with Pennisi Real Estate to plan IT strategies with a focus on reducing risks and improving the operational efficiencies across the business. CT vCIO’s are highly skilled, with prior experience in the technical realms of IT service delivery ensuring they are knowledgable and understand the context in which to provide the business with advice.


With a long-standing relationship of 12 years, CT’s Managed Service Solution has provided Pennisi Real Estate with full control over their technology, without the burden of managing their own IT environment. The results include,

  • A significant boost in uptime and overall end-user experience, with access to flexible support options provided by an award-winning Help Desk team.
  • Increase in operational efficiencies with improved and updated technologies to their network infrastructure, systems, applications and processes.
  • Improved mobile working capabilities, with fast, and seamless VPN access as a result of a robust and reliable network.
  • Eliminated downtime with secure and quick recoveries of critical business data with CT’s backup and disaster recovery solution.
  • Established technological pathways to boost business capital with strategic planning and advice provided by a dedicated vCIO.

“With the helpdesk, you can ring the team right away. Issues are solved as smoothly as possible, and they always send a report.” – Liz Gumley

CT’s vCIO’s were able to work with Pennisi Real Estate to realise new technology pathways, to better their customer base by removing the friction between their staff and their technology. Liz Gumley enjoys the professional working relationship she has experienced, and the importance placed on transparent communication during periods of change.

Today, trust and loyalty are the foundations of the relationship between Pennisi Real Estate and CT. CT is currently working with Pennisi Real Estate to expand its technology efficiencies across the business, with solutions such as Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) and Cloud.