Connecting Home 

Connecting Home is a Victorian not-for-profit organisation established in 2010 and led by CEO Lisa Zammit. The organisation provides a broad range of services to survivors of the Stolen Generations, including case management, NDIS support services, and counselling.  

They also deliver education programs to the wider community around the Stolen Generation’s history and current issues, such as tailored education programs for primary, secondary and tertiary students. The organisation currently has 20 team members. 


The Situation 

Connecting Home had experienced significant growth within their team from six team members to 20 staff. As such, they needed an IT infrastructure that supported a wider team. 

Prior to engaging with us, Connecting Home had an underdeveloped IT environment with multiple conflicting systems, relying on IT support from a sole trader. They also had some concerns around their cyber security and their ability to protect customer data and information. 

Connecting Home had some outdated software and hardware, which was limiting their ability to grow and restricted the organisation’s overall efficiency. They were seeking a Managed Services Provider (MSP) to modernise their whole IT environment and help them produce better client outcomes. 


Why CT? 

As a not-for-profit organisation, Connecting Home were looking for a highly cost-effective MSP with overarching IT expertise. They chose our organisation for a range of reasons, not least because of their previous experience and astute understanding of the not-for-profit sector. 

Connecting Home were particularly impressed because we performed an audit and delivered recommendations before even signing an agreement, which made Connecting Home feel like they were receiving a service as soon as they picked us. 

In addition, Connecting Home appreciated our flexible support options, with the ability for any of their staff members to make a call and receive near-instant IT assistance. They needed to find an MSP ‘who knew [the] type of industry and the community services, and would be able to develop and construct a suite that met [Connecting Home’s] needs.’ 

The fact [that CT] took the time out to come and see us, and do an evaluation from the get-go, was really great. We felt like we were getting a service from the get-go before we even picked them. — Lisa Zammit


The CT Solution 

We were chosen to deliver our most comprehensive solution suite with the Managed Services offering. We began with an entire audit of Connecting Home’s IT infrastructure, including all systems, software and devices, delivering follow-up advice on how to optimise technology for Connecting Home. 

We undertook a significant project to implement a telephony system, creating better communication channels for the staff members and enabling their remote and hybrid work conditions. 

We also set up a Microsoft 365 environment for the company and improve collaboration between team members. Connecting Home especially appreciated the integrated platform that combined a chat function, Outlook that synced emails with the calendar, and a OneDrive engine for seamless collaboration. 

Previously, most of the cross-team collaboration had occurred via email, but our solution provided a more modern platform for easier communication. 

‘We weren’t using IT for communication within the office very well at all, apart from emails,’ said Zammit. ‘We now have better platforms where we can have certain chats or updates using things like Teams or via avenues like Outlook and OneDrive. We have a better integrated system, so that’s definitely improved our communication.’ 

Significant initiatives were implemented to improve the security posture of the organisation. An enterprise-grade firewall allowed Connecting Home to have more confidence in their data security. We also set up multi-factor authentication (MFA) to block over 99.9% of cyber attacks directed at accounts. 

‘The security aspect has improved dramatically,’ Zammit said. ‘I have better confidence in the retention of our information and our clients’ information.’ 

Additionally, we updated Connecting Home’s device fleet with new laptops and handsets, replacing outdated hardware with devices that were more in line with their growing needs. The updated devices allow their staff members greater flexibility, whether they’re working from the office, from home, or in a hybrid arrangement. 

Through having CT, I actually realise now how much we were missing out on, in terms of having a Managed Service Provider. — Lisa Zammit 


The Results 

Connecting Home’s staff members are extremely appreciative of our excellent customer service and support. They enjoy being able to access direct human support for IT issues. 

‘The ability to just make a call and get support was extremely important,’ said Zammit. ‘The staff love that they’re able to ring someone if they’re having an IT issue.’ 

When in-person support was required, Connecting Home also appreciated our customer-centric culture. The field services engineer called in to help would be keen to assist with other IT issues when required instead of only addressing their issue on the day. 

‘The staff that come in here from CT are really lovely. Nothing is too onerous to ask of them,’ said Zammit. ‘I have found they’ve always gone over and above … That kind of customer service has been really important for us.’ 

Connecting Home staff members were especially happy with the smoother collaboration, especially with workers who were in a remote or hybrid environment. Using the integrated Microsoft 365 system, they no longer needed to make phone calls on personal devices. 

Connecting Home were surprised by how user-friendly the new technology solutions were. As a relatively small not-for-profit without internal IT expertise, they appreciated being able to pick up and use all the solutions that we implemented. 

Overall, Connecting Home are pleased to have a long-term proactive partner that can enable and drive future growth, rather than the break-fix model they were accustomed to. 

‘What we were having in place was more of a band-aid level of support, whereas now it’s actually managed support.’  


Setting up the future with CT 

By working with us, Connecting Home has set up the organisation to support its future growth as an organisation. With the right IT infrastructure in place, and the support of an MSP that can deliver scaling solutions, Connecting Home can confidently grow their team without worrying about technical issues. 

I don’t feel like, as a small organisation, that CT has lost us in their system. I don’t feel … attention is being given to other organisations that are paying more or are a bigger provider. It’s been great to have that level of customer service. — Lisa Zammit