Health Purchasing Victoria (HPV) is confident with their technology with support provided by CT's award-winning Service Desk team.

HPV is a state-wide health procurement organisation that partners with Victorian public health services to procure best-value goods and services in line with their mission to advance safe, affordable, and sustainable healthcare to all Victorians.

HPV works closely with the Department of Health and Human Services to support the growth and success of the Victorian Health system. HPV is charged with several legislative functions under the Health Services Act 1998 (VIC) that include, understanding the requirements of public hospitals and health services, facilitating large-scale tenders, and managing common-use contracts on behalf of the state.

Today, HPV continues to focus on advancing safe, affordable, and sustainable healthcare for all Victorians.

Business Challenge

HPV had previously relied on a small team of internal IT services to help manage and support their technology environment. With minimal resources available and the demand for technical assistance and support increasing, HPV’s internal IT team were finding it difficult to manage and keep up. The organisation was also experiencing significant delays and connectivity issues with their web hosting services. With poor workflow efficiencies and an increase in downtime, HPV felt more restricted with their technology.

With more than 100 employees, HPV had quickly outgrown their internal IT services and with the need to improve greater flexibilities with their technology, support, communication, and workflow efficiencies, they decided to review their technology.

How we helped

HPV turned to CT for assistance and were recommended the Managed Services with an Embedded solution and web hosting services. Over the course of a 140days, HPV began onboarding CT beginning with kick-off meetings between CT Project Managers, and all the relevant stakeholders to discuss and confirm project timelines and outcomes. They also introduced HPV to their embedded team member who would be working within the organisation during the lifetime of the Managed Service Agreement. Once HPV confirmed the project timelines and outcomes, CT began working with HPV’s previous internal IT team to obtain all the required administrator access and credentials. The handover was completed by day 21 and with this information, CT commenced a deep dive discovery into HPV’s IT environment.

Remote management and monitoring tools were deployed into HPV’s IT environment to gain a deep understanding of what was used and how it was used by the organisations. A State of Environment (SOE) report was completed and presented to HPV, this report detailed the findings and configurations that were needed to standardise their technology environment. HPV reviewed and signed off on the SOE report and end-user support training commenced. HPV users were trained over multiple sessions on how to reach CT for support, this included calling, emailing, chat and using Liberty Console. After successful completion, users are now able to access CT support using flexible communication options.

CT worked collaboratively with HPV and was able to successfully configure their IT environment whilst ensuring standards and vendor best practices are met. Once the onboarding process for Managed Services and Web Hosting Services were complete, HPV transitioned to CT’s Business as Usual Team where all SLA’s were enforced.

CT’s Web Hosting Services is one of Australia’s most interconnected network. Through centralising HPV’s technology, CT was able to ensure fast and reliable connectivity by maximising the comprehensive web hosting capabilities which include, 99.9% uptime guarantee, faster response times, DDoS protection, developer-friendly and security.

CT’s Managed Service solution is a comprehensive and all-encompassing outsourced model which provides an organisation with the ability to obtain a simplified, and easy to manage IT department with minimal in-house resources. The team at CT were able to create value and maximise efficiencies using a new strategic approach that included five core elements, training and development, proactive monitoring, back up and disaster recovery, strategic advice, and support.

CT has worked with HPV to tailored solutions and review Change Request processes to ensure minimal disturbances to their organisation. With the CT’s support promise, HPV end-users were able to resolve technical issues without delay or interruptions to workflow.

CT Embedded

In addition, HPV’s Managed Service agreement under the embedded direct model, an embedded technical resource will operate onsite as first-level support. With unlimited business hours support, CT has been able to provide HPV with greater flexibilities and communication efficiencies with access to onsite support.

CT Help Desk

Under CT’s Embedded Service In-direct Model, CT’s Award-Winning Help Desk delivers fast and reliable support to HPV users, available via phone, email, chat, and Liberty Console. With 24 x 7 monitoring and 365-day onshore support CT works to reduce wait times and resolving technical issues in a timely and efficient manner according to SLA.

CT Desktop Support Officed (DSO)

To further support HPV, weekly visits from CT’s Desktop Support Officers (DSO’s) provide onsite technical assistance, further maximising efficiencies across the business creating more positive end-user experiences.


Working in collaboration with CT, HPV has been able to successfully adopt the Managed Service and Web Hosting solutions. CT was able to eliminate the communication barriers between HPV end-users and technical support by providing a first call resolution team, who respond quickly and effectively. This resulted in a dramatic decrease in downtime and disruptions to workflow.

Fast and reliable network connectivity, efficient change request processes and unlimited access to a variety of technical resources have removed the friction HPV experienced with their technology. Without the concerns of managing and improving their own IT environment, CT has empowered HPV with the verticals to focus on growing their organisation.

Confidence and reliability are the foundation of the relationship between HPV and CT. CT has continuously been able to provide support and identify areas to improve operations to achieve business continuity. HPV has been able to maximise cost savings and benefit greatly from the support provided by an award-winning service desk team.

Currently, CT is working with HPV to further improve their IT environment and workflow efficiencies by exploring innovative pathways