Braemar College entrusts CT to provide support and fully manage their technology, while they focus on providing a contemporary learning experience for their students.


Braemar College is an ecumenical Christian coeducational private school that was established in 1975. The school is spread across two campuses, the historic Braemar House and the newly opened Woodend Campus.  

Braemar is home to 125 teachers and staff and provides over 1000 students with a unique and nurturing community to grow and flourish. The school also offers vocational training opportunities and extensive arts and sporting programs. 


The Challenge 

Braemar College initially had an IT team of three staff who were responsible for supporting more than 1025 staff members and students. This was in addition to managing the performance of the school’s technology environment. However, as technology became more important for learning outcomes, the team were unable to balance IT management and support. Some of the challenges they faced included: 

  • Significant delays due to constant wireless network outages. 
  • Complications with one-to-one device management. 
  • Internet accessibility issues combined with technological redundancies. 
  • An increase in downtime and frustration among staff and students. 

    As a result of the various issues with their previous system, Braemar College’s staff and students were generally disillusioned with technology and experienced low morale regarding the IT environment. With growing concerns around the performance and management of their wireless network and IT environment, Braemar College needed to work with a partner who was able to able to fully support, manage and monitor their technology. 

    When Braemar College’s IT Manager resigned in order to return to Brisbane, the school reached out to Centorrino Technologies (CT) to discuss a managed services solution of their network environment and technology performance. 


    Why did Braemar choose CT? 

    Braemar College initially engaged CT as the preferred ICT integration partner due to CT’s breadth of experience with school networks and their approach to solving network issues on campus. The CT solution astutely and directly targeted their most pressing issues, rather than recommending a complete overhaul of every component. This allowed school to keep costs down while addressing the very strict specifications and unique challenges of the Braemar College network. 

    With more than 15 years of experience delivering IT solutions to the education sector in Victoria, CT was familiar with the issues and challenges the school was experiencing with their technology and its environment. The company knew how to help Braemar College remove the friction between their school and its technology to improve operational efficiencies. 

    Additionally, to better visualise the complete CT solution, CT helped Braemar tour a similar existing CT client site at Loyola College to better understand how the solutions would work once completed. 


    The CT Solution 

    Braemar outlined two key goals prior to CT rolling out their solutions. They needed to strengthen their wireless network to support almost 1000 devices without dropouts or losses of coverage; and they needed to increase levels of support within the ICT department to assist teaching and learning.  

    These outcomes were achieved with the introduction of CT’s Managed IT Service offering, an all-encompassing outsourced model that enables an organisation to obtain an IT department with minimal inhouse costs. The Managed IT Service CT provided to Braemar College involved five core elements: 

    • Providing ongoing and in-depth training to ensure technical efficiencies and reduce the number of reactive incidents. 
    • Enabling access to an award-winning support team who quickly respond to alerts and provide clear communication and transparency to all staff and students. 
    • Implementing a robust and resilient backup and disaster recovery solution to protect the school’s critical data, preserve business continuity, and withstand threats and disaster. 
    • Configuring improved IT infrastructure to allow scalability and flexibilities to support the school’s growth. 
    • Maximising operational efficiencies and reducing risk with proactive monitoring platforms to ensure uptime and operational efficiencies. 

      For Braemar College, CT created a five-year strategic roadmap, which enabled more accurate budgeting and future planning. CT also placed a full-time team member at the school to assist management and to serve as the primary point of contact between Braemar and CT. 

      CT achieved triple the previous internet speed by upgrading the College’s wireless network with their own ISP services. Braemar’s location at the top of Mt Macedon had proved troublesome for previous providers, but CT had one of the most interconnected networks in the Southern Hemisphere, enabling them to dramatically improve internet performance. 

      The next project was the roll-out of new devices for staff and students to assist with their eLearning curriculum. This project included 800 iPads, Mac Mini Labs, and a fleet of Windows Labs. At this point, CT supplied Braemar with a second embedded staff member to not only provide AV technical support but also assist the ICT team when needed. 

      “CT was quick to find our wireless capability in very poor condition, and we were quick to employ them to contact these wireless issues, configurations and channel overlap.” 


      The Results 

      Over the course of the relationship, CT implemented a wireless network upgrade, embedded support, managed services, a server upgrade, an iPad device rollout, improved internet connection, disaster recovery-as-a-service, and data backup. These changes have drastically improved Braemar College’s reliability, increased staff morale and confidence in technology to an all-time high, and reduced the school’s exposure to cyber risk. 

      The tailored CT solution resulted in a number of benefits for the school, including: 

      • Significantly reducing network outages with a robust wireless network solution capable of supporting traffic fluctuations. 
      • Improving visibility, control, and management of the school’s technology, supported by a team of on-shore technical experts. 
      • Increasing uptime with round-the-clock support provided to staff and students, easily accessible through phone, email or CT support platform, Liberty Console. 
      • Seamlessly implementing one-to-one device management and provisioning to allow staff and students to focus on achieving teaching and learning outcomes. 
      • Providing strategic advice to improve operational outcomes through CT’s vCIO and education specialists. 

      Today, Braemar College is working with CT to maximise their IT environment by onboarding Managed Print Services. This solution is a flexible on-demand driven model that has been designed to enhance the school’s operations and printing efficiencies.