We work with you to deliver blended learning solutions, based on what your end users prefer. We can supply staff on-site, run virtual classrooms, or provide online, self-paced learning and assessment.

The CT Difference

CT is a trusted partner in training and development built on our experience in the educational technology sector. eLurn, our very own learning platform, offers over 50 online courses with cutting-edge videos, designs, and interactive features to show users how to optimise their usage of technology.

We also develop specific learning modules for our customers which can be delivered online, via our expert trainers, or on custom learning management platforms. We work with you to deliver blended learning solutions, based on what your end users prefer. We can supply staff on-site, run virtual classrooms, or provide online, self-paced learning and assessment.

Specialist Trainers

With a strong foundation in educational technology, we have sourced staff from some of Australia's leading independent educational institutions, bringing a wealth of expertise into your learning environment.


eLurn is an online learning platform that provides over 50 courses on the best-practice use of technology for your team members. Learn about Microsoft Office, cyber security, compliance, and dozens of other topics.

STEM Vendors

We have partnered with leading Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics technology vendors such as Apple, Microsoft, OSMO and Sphero. We use these partnerships to provide you with the best educational technology available.

Personalised Learning

Rather than generic content, our training specialists create tailored lessons, plans and course curriculums that individually meet your team's needs.

How we can help

Virtual Classes

With CT's suite of virtual training services, you gain access to our specialist trainers, regardless of location. We run virtual classes via Microsoft Teams, Zoom or GoToMeeting. We work with your existing Learning platforms or leverage our Academy LMS.

Academy LMS

Our Academy Learning Management System gives your team access to over 150 prebuilt lessons, plus where needed; we work with you to build and deliver tailored content. Our LMS allows us to create custom lesson plans to teams or individuals.

Face to Face Training

Where required, we run in-person training either to an entire classroom environment, or one-on-one coaching. We provide this service at your location or our dedicated training rooms.

Curriculum Support

Our specialist content providers and trainers work with you to take your existing learning materials curriculum, and rework them into compelling online learning experiences, complete with video and assessment modules.

Our Partners

We partner with leading learning and technology providers to bring you the very best outcomes.

Our Capabilities

Get an award winning IT Partner working for you

We equip organisations with the flexibility and security that only an award-winning Managed Service Provider (MSP) can provide, taking care of the day-to-day running of IT environments.

Strategic advice to drive your digital ambitions

We work with you to plan IT strategy for your organisation with a focus on reducing your business risks whilst improving your operational efficiency.

We support your transition to the cloud

Drive your business further with a hosting, cloud environments and business continuity solutions.

Communication solutions to enable your flexible workforce

We provide unified communication solutions to give you a single source of information that is available anytime, from anywhere.

We provide the flexibility and control your organisation requires

We provide control on how your devices are procured, supported and managed, allowing you to focus on driving your organisation forward.

Fast reliable communications for the digital age

We provide enterprise-grade connectivity services that your organisation can rely on.

We help accelerate your digital advantage

We combine business process and operational expertise with technological know-how to help organisations improve performance, deliver key projects, lower risk transform their processes.

Uplift your team's technology literacy with our Academy Services

We provide eLearning expertise combined with Learning Management knowhow to help raise the technology literacy of your team.

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