Synergetic Student Management System

Achieve Synergetic excellence and minimise your costs with our all-encompassing CT Synergetic management service.



As a powerful and highly effective system, Synergetic can be costly to maintain. Support fees, inhouse resources, licensing, and ongoing consulting and reporting costs — it all adds up.

We package all these features (and more!) into an all-in-one service that helps you get the most out of your Synergetic system.

We can design and implement customisations, deliver project work with low lead times, and provide consulting services to help you achieve maximum efficiency as soon as possible.

With fast and friendly support, regular health checks, plus strategic advice, you’ll have a convenient one-stop shop for industry-leading Synergetic expertise.

As a company with a long and successful track record in the education sector and the Synergetic platform, we do the work to genuinely understand your school’s unique needs.


Meet our team

Clancy Merrett
Head of Academy & Synergetic Solutions

Simon Shenton
Education Business Development Manager

Heath Brice
Lead Synergetic Consultant

Dmitry Vinarsky
Synergetic Consultant

Key benefits

Synergetic Consulting

To deliver the best possible Synergetic experience for your school, we provide expert consulting services to optimise the system for your needs.

Excellent Support

Access unlimited business hours support at our Service Desk, who have achieved industry-leading service levels with a customer satisfaction score of 98.8%.

Stress-Free System Administration

We’ll make sure your Synergetic system is configured in line with best practices backed by the security, data and integrations you need.

Strategic Advice

Build a Synergetic Strategic Roadmap that sets a framework for ongoing success in line with your school vision.

Health Checks

Identify your weaknesses, obtain data and feedback, set new objectives, and find potential projects for your Synergetic Strategic Roadmap through our regular Synergetic Health Checks.

Synergetic Customisations

Synergetic has powerful features and modules - but your school is unique. We implement customisations to meet your school's needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

School or student management systems can be defined as a platform designed to operate efficiently through the use of digitisation and automation of various academic and administrative operations. The software will play the role of a student or school management system and allow you complete jobs involving bulk data management flawlessly and quickly.

A well-designed school information system (SIS) will relieve staff of unnecessary tasks, help both students and teachers save time, enable cost reduction, and also enhance data security. All these will eventually increase your institution’s cost-effectiveness and productivity.

Whether your school uses Synergetic in terms or semesters, you will eventually need to perform a rollover. School rollovers prepare you for your next reporting period and simplify the administrative process for many of your school processes. 

A successful school rollover also ensures that accounts receivable are paid as the students will be in the right classes. This is important if students are moving into different classes during a new term or semester.You can learn about this on our blog How to optimise Synergetic for rollover.

We are fully proficient with the Synergetic database, Synergetic api and Synergetic student management system and can help with everything from day-to-day administration to complex end-of-year rollover processes.

We have worked with many schools to improve performance, create custom queries, and develop data integration systems to keep Synergetic the source of truth. Our team has the experience and skills required to help your organisation achieve the full potential of Synergetics.

Yes, some schools use Synergetic for parents to book times for parent-teacher interviews (PTIs). The system includes its own PTI module dedicated to this process. Teachers access their interviews from the PTI tile (in SynWeb) while parents and guardians can view and book interview slots from the PTI page (in Community Portal).

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