Technology focused, Customer obsessed

With a genuine commitment to establishing mutually beneficial partnerships with our customers supported by a commitment to continuous improvement and an obsession with customer service excellence, you can expect a lifelong relationship when working with us.

The CT Difference

Genuine Client Partnerships

We are genuinely committed to developing and maintaining ultra-long term partnerships with our customers. We are proud of our track record of a less than 1% annual churn rate. We care deeply about our customers and ensure that we not only do the right thing by them but also provide them with a wide array of value added benefits. Further, we focus on helping them achieve their goals whether it be through reliable support, risk mitigation, cost reduction or timely advice. Every member of our organisation is there for them, whenever they need it.

Specialist Teams

We maintain small teams of no more than six people because we believe that when teams are provided a narrow focus, the quality of their work and speed at which they can perform those tasks drastically improves. For example a team that just focuses on firewalls will be far more experienced and confident supporting firewalls than a generalist team of network professionals. We repeat this all throughout our business across both technical and non-technical disciplines.

Certified Engineers

We are committed to delivering superior levels of expertise and experience to our customers by providing our engineers with the time and resources to continuously upskill and expand their certifications. With over 100 certified professionals within our organization, we are ready to support your organization.

Experience and Reputation

As an organization that has been in business for 13 years, growing at 30% year on year, with over 140 team members and supporting in excess of 15,000 end users, we understand what it takes to deliver and support IT environments that are scalable, reliable and deliver the performance you need every day.

Continuous Improvement

We foster a culture of continuous improvement because we understand that what’s good today is mediocre tomorrow. We strive to improve our business practices, customer service and team culture every single day by genuinely listening to feedback and seeking out new and improved methodologies and practices that can benefit our customers, team members and community. Our continuous improvement is executed through a culture of transparency and a determination to be the very best.

Learn from us

As part of our continuous improvement program, we continuously refine our business practices and implement new initiatives and technologies to streamline our operations and deliver a better customer experience. We want to see our customers succeed and grow. As such we share our learnings on these initiatives with them and encourage them to utilise these ideas and practices in their own business if they see them as beneficial. The most common areas of interest include our People Management, Culture and Customer Service initiatives.

Strong partnerships provide better solutions

Our industry is filled with Vendors, each proclaiming to be better than the rest. We select the best and most appropriate vendors in each category to form deep relationships that benefit our customers. These vendors are recognised for being leaders in their market segment and are positioned to deliver strong feature sets at the price points our customers need.

Customer Service Obession

You won’t find an organisation more obsessed with customer service excellence than CT. From our Chief Executive Officer through to our front-line team, we are obsessed with delivering our customers the very best customer experience possible. We have won the Customer Service Institute of Australia award for the past seven years running to prove it and are on the SMB Hot 101 list to prove it.

Compliance Certified

We take compliance seriously and are proud to be certified to the internationally recognised ISO Standards in several categories. These include ISO 9001 for Quality, ISO 14001 for Environmental Management, ISO 27001 for Data Security and ISO 45001 for Occupational Health and Safety.

Environmental Commitment

100% Carbon Neutral

We are the first Australian IT Service provider to achieve a 100% carbon neutral status and are committed to reducing waste.

Learn more about our Environmental Sustainability Practices