Executive Team

Adam Centorrino

Chief Executive Officer

Adam Centorrino is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of CT, which he founded in 2006. Adam is responsible for setting the overall direction and product strategy for the company.

He is also the co-founder and Executive Director of the Bully Zero Australia Foundation, which was founded to educate our community on the devastating impacts of bullying helping to solve some of Australia’s toughest problems in both Workplaces and Schools.

Nicholas Iacobucci

Chief Technology Officer

Responsible for overseeing CT’s investments and development of technical platforms, Nicholas leads the technical team that enables CT to support thousands of end users and their business systems.

Nicholas is driven by the integration of technology to solve real issues while creating delightful end user experiences.

He holds a Bachelor of Computer Science from RMIT University.

Leadership Team

Beti Nicolas

Head of Projects

Shaun Harper

Head of Managed Services

Sush Prakash

Head of Sales

Andrew Govell

Head of Cyber Security

Andrew Rankin

Head of Client Experience

Phil Milione

Head of Supply Chain

Clancy Merrett

Head of Training Services

Jenni Pavlou

Head of People and Culture

Michael Williamson

Head of Marketing

Peng Wang

Head of Finance

Jaycee Chong

Head of White Label Services

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