Following 25 years with their previous Managed Service Provider (MSP), Biggin & Scott Richmond needed to update its IT infrastructure. 

Biggin & Scott needed to access support that would assist with the direction of their technology. A strong WAN network, an unparalleled level of support and proactive IT monitoring are just some of the reasons why CT has been successful as the new MSP.

About Biggin & Scott Richmond:

Biggin & Scott Richmond is currently listed as the No.1 Agent in Melbourne’s local marketplace with the sales department completing close to 400 sales every year. With 45 staff, the team work hard to ensure clients constantly feel satisfied and supported. In order to achieve this, a strong WAN network and reliable IT environment is critical.

Engaging CT:

Prior to engaging with CT, Biggin & Scott Richmond has been working with their previous IT provider for 25 years. A combination of aging and failing hardware, frequent network downtime, a lack of IT direction and constant band aid solutions were all factors that led Biggin & Scott Richmond to find a new MSP.

CT were successful for a number of reasons. While cost was one area considered, Biggin & Scott Richmond were greatly impressed by the level of expertise and depth of knowledge presented to them. CT took the time to ensure everything was explained in detail, from the network to the hardware and IT support that would be easily accessible for all staff members.

The CT Solution:

Firstly, the transition to CT’s WAN network (the second most inter-connected network in Australia) was smooth, and if any issue did arise everything was solved as quickly as possible. No longer plagued by outages, staff were able to enjoy an efficient connection. Support was another huge benefit of the solution. CT prides itself on its customer experience, and that’s why it is included as part of the managed service offering.

To learn more, read the full case study with Biggin & Scott Richmond.


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