As a creative design agency, CT has been working with Optimo Designs over the past four years to host a number of customer websites. Reliability in the solution and customer service are the two key features Optimo Design values in their relationship with CT as a web hosting partner. 

About Optimo Designs:

Optimo Designs is a design agency that offers strategy, creative, production and digital solution for all its clients. Headquartered in Melbourne, Optimo Designs also has offices across Sydney and Auckland. As one of the largest, independently owned, fully integrated agencies in Australia, Optimo Designs is proud of its history. This includes over 20 year specialising in QSR, FMCG, Finance and Government.

Engaging CT:

Since 2015, Optimo Designs has been working with CT to host a number of its clients websites. Optimo Designs engaged CT for its web hosting solution.

Optimo Designs will design and create a website, before passing on the credentials to CT who host this website on its private, secure server. In 2015, Optimo Designs were introduced to CT through a client they were working with at the time. Speaking with CT’s Managing Director, Adam Centorrino to better understand the service and advantages of teaming with a third-party provider.

The CT Solution:

Over the past 4 years, Optimo Designs and CT have continued to build a trusting relationship. By engaging CT, Optimo Designs now has the time to spend doing what it does best – building a website. CT has the knowledge and experience they need to host the website. CT’s added benefit is ensuring web security through backup / disaster recovery.

Due to the nature of the projects, Optimo Designs will continue to engage CT for any longer standing customer websites it is designing and working with. Trust will remain a key priority to this process.

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