A seamless Internet connection, exceptional support, deploying 1:1 devices and expert advice are just some of the advantages Trinity Catholic School have enjoyed over its eight-year relationship with CT. 

About Trinity Catholic School:

Trinity Catholic School in Richmond is rich in history and cultural diversity. With 215 students and 32 staff, Trinity Catholic PS has spent the last eight years building an incredible IT environment with reduced downtime, updated infrastructure and technology gadgets to meet its STEM curriculum agenda. CT has played a role in this.

Engaging CT:

Frequent downtime, aging hardware and virus problems were constant challenges facing Trinity Catholic School prior to CT.  Trinity Catholic School needed adequate support, moving away from its legacy part-time IT support. Now principal, Peter Bartley had worked with CT at a previous school, understanding the benefits of hiring an MSP. Peter Bartley knew CT would deliver a solution to overhaul Trinity’s IT issues and provide the support needed to deliver effective technology for student learning.

The CT Solution:

To be a leader with its IT curriculum, Trinity Catholic School engaged CT to assist with upgrading devices for staff and students, and deploying a fully-fledged internet network to cope with the new hardware. CT deployed its WAN network (the second most inter-connected network in Australia) before replacing Trinity’s stand-alone desktops with laptops for staff and iPads for the classroom. CT also worked with Trinity to create a long-term strategy for hardware.

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