Stability in the connection and unifying sites were key for Billi when looking to deploy CT’s Internet Service and MPLS solution. With five sites across Australia, Billi needed to ensure collaboration internally and exceptional customer service. A strong network played a critical role in achieving this outcome. 

In its simplest form MPLS is a way to connect an organisation’s sites together across its virtual private internet network. Through this private tunnel, information and data can travel between sites across the cloud.

About Billi:

Billi is an exceptional filtered water system that delivers instant boiling, chilled, sparkling and still water that is suitable for a range of applications for home and work. Billi prides itself on offering world class water filtration products to the global market. Proud to share its extensive range of designs, finishes and accessories, Billi offers a solution that suits every need. Headquartered in Melbourne, Billi has five sites across Australia.

Engaging CT:

Prior to deploying CT’s network, Billi had employed CT as its Managed Service Provider (MSP). Billi’s Internet was hosted by another Australian Telecommunications Company, where constant stability issues on the network and poor customer support were often experienced. While CT was assisting Billi where possible to fix connectivity issues, limitations remained due to the poor network. There was only so much that could be done.

At this time, CT demonstrated an incredibly committed level of support and knowledge towards Billi’s managed service solution. This in turn led the two parties to meet and discuss the network connection and MPLS CT could provide.

The MPLS Solution:

CT was engaged to provide its network connection across all five of Billi’s sites and an MPLS service across four of its sites (excluding SA). The primary function of the MPLS is to ensure constant connectivity which allows for the many video conferencing calls daily between Billi’s sites. It’s now been two years since Billi transitioned over to the CT network and MPLS solution.

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