When it comes to business, efficient technology is a necessity. BlueRock has been a long-standing customer with CT, where the relationship is honest, open and constantly growing with the latest technology.  

About BlueRock:

BlueRock is a team of entrepreneurial experts who push the boundaries of accounting, digital, law, private wealth, places, finance, general insurance, grants and incentives. With a team of over 170 employees, BlueRock spans across three levels of their LaTrobe St Office in Melbourne’s CBD.

Engaging CT:

Prior to CT, BlueRock looked to an alternative IT solution. CT was engaged to provide a full fledge of IT support services that included Managed Support, Hardware as a Service, Voice as a Service, Data Centre as a Service and Internet Services (to name a few).

The CT Solution:

CT’s key role was to provide a solution that would significantly improve reliability and efficiency at BlueRock. Reducing downtime was critical. The CT solution was implemented in several phases. Core infrastructure changes and new servers were built first, followed by standard operating environment rolled out to workstations. Voice platforms were deployed after that.

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