Digital transformation, can your business afford to continue growing without it?

The reality is that as the world around us continues to become more digitalised, your business must ensure it isn’t left behind. In today’s workplace, IT is tactical. Technology is moving faster than we can keep up. As an organisation, the reality is a lot of your time can’t be spent delving into what digital devices your workplace should be using. Take the hassle out of guessing when teaming with a Managed ICT provider.

So how are businesses adopting a digital workplace?

Cloud Computing

An increasing amount of businesses are adopting cloud computing for their IT infrastructure.

Cloud computing comes in three forms: public clouds, private clouds and hybrid clouds. Recent times have seen an increase in cloud-based services. Rather than a business purchasing their own servers, there has been a huge shift towards using cloud with ‘pay for use’ rather than ‘ownership’.

There are a number of reasons why cloud computing can benefit your organisation. Here’s some of the advantages:

  • It provides for flexibility, with easy access to work remotely or wherever suits your employees and their needs. Studies show that a flexible workplace leads to greater trust and ultimately productivity by employees.
  • Greater collaboration between employees, through easy access and sharing of documents. Quickly loading documents enables less frustration and greater engagement levels from staff.
  • An effective workflow is crucial to the success of your business. Housing and managing your information in one central spot allows for easy access.
  • Security and disaster prevention in the event of lost or stolen devices. A cloud environment enables staff to work from anywhere and on any device including mobile-friendly.
  • On a cloud environment you only pay for what you use, making it a far more financially viable option on many occasions.

Collaboration Tools

While the fear a digital workplace may blur the lines between professional and personal lives is often felt, the reality is digitalising often allows for a productive workplace. Email and instant messaging platforms between employees save time and improves productivity, no matter where colleagues are working.

Slack is one platform that is readily adopted by organisations. Slack provides a channel for every need of your organisation, from project, team, customer or location, colleagues can remain on top of work and easily contribute where needed.  A strong team leads to successful results, having the tools in place can assist with this.

The Future

Predications for 2019 alone see IT spending in Australia to reach $93 billion, with huge spending on IT services and enterprise software.  Statistics show this will see a 3.5 percent increase from 2018 (CRN). IT services will continue to represent the largest category of IT spending in Australia.  It’s time to consider the tools your organisation needs heading into 2019 to keep ahead of competition.